How the NFC East Stacks Up On Draft Day?

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. One team will hold the trophy by the end of the day, and the other thirty-one are left wanting. As avid football fans, the die-hards know the work doesn’t start in game one in the fall. It begins after the final gun in week seventeen. How does the NFC East Stacks Up On Draft Day?


Bloody Monday, the day head coaches and GMs lose their jobs because of total failure. There aren’t enough hours in the day for those teams to right the ship. Its ground-up rebuild. The others evaluate where you failed, the talent on the roster, coaching changes, and front office moves. We start at the bottom of the NFC East, the New York Giants.

New York Giants

Bloody Monday was indeed what the owners decided that everyone must go. Many seasons of mistakes in drafting, coaching staff, and front office have made the Giants the laughing stock of the division. There isn’t a position on the field where holes don’t exist. The Giants hold the 5th and 7th positions in round one. Rebuilding their O and D lines should happen, but the Giants always reach for the sexy pick, i.e., Saquon Barkley. Barkley is a generational talent and a wasted pick. It’s anybody’s guess where they turn in the draft.

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commodores AKA (Commies) is an idiotic name simply because of the nickname it generates. However, it demonstrates what this front office thinks or, for that matter, doesn’t think. Washington has never been shy to spend money on free agents. Look for them to address the line issues in that market and go after skill positions high in the draft. With needs at WR, TE, and possibly QB, I expect the Commies to go WR at the 11th pick.

The Philadelphia Eagles

Although the Eagles made the playoffs last season, their deficiencies on Defence make it necessary for the birds to focus on that side of the ball. Edge, safety, CB, LB is where they need to be, but Howie doesn’t always follow the script. Although their need is up the middle, I expect them to spend the 15th, 16th, and 19th picks in those areas. I look for the Birds to trade out pick 19 for an additional pick next year. Don’t be surprised if Howie takes an offensive lineman in round one. None of this will matter if they acquire either Russel Wilson or Deshaun Watson. Both costing much draft capital, the latter comes with enormous question marks about his character.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are next on the list. As loaded as this team appears to be, free agency will not be kind to them. They are in cap hell, and even with the players they lose aren’t going to have the money for veteran talent. They will have to address LB, Edge, O line, and Saftey. Since Jerry has given up the war room control, the ‘Boys have done well on draft day. I expect that to continue. On paper, they are the best-equipped team to take the division, but they are the Cowboys and have a twenty-five-year habit of losing in January.

Dolans Bar

This offseason may be the most crucial the Eagles have had in ten years. They’ve never had three picks in the top 20. We can only hope that their penchant for believing they are the “most innovative” heads in any room may allow their eyes and talent evaluation to tell them. If they play this right, they could take the NFC East back, or they could just as easily screw it up. Fingers crossed, let’s stack the deck. Let’s see how the NFC East stacks up on draft day.

Frank Finnegan
Frank Finnegan