How to Lose a Football Game! By: The Week 3 Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles fall to 1-2 losing to the Detroit Lions 27-24 at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. The Eagles gave up a kickoff return of a touchdown and had dropped passes galore along with 2 (Technically 3) fumbles. We haven’t even jumped into our coverage and receivers not being able to get any separation on most plays. Did I mention the penalties and non-calls too? I am not even going there this article. This had recipe for a blowout but the Eagles somehow still had a chance to win. It is really shocking that it was even this close if you think about it.

Kickoff Return for a TD
I mean it happens but it’s almost the same as a turnover. It’s definitely not something you want to take place especially early but what are you going to do. As long as this doesn’t become a consistent issue we can let it slide for now. (There may or may not have been a clip on this play too)

Dropped Passes
I don’t know the final count on drop passes some have 7 and some have 8. Literally your job is to catch the football and I don’t care if you are a rookie or veteran this is something that cannot happen. This is back to back weeks now that crucial drops stopped huge plays and points from being scored to win the game. But Hey…Lets Blame Carson because he isn’t making the players around him better.
Check out Baldys Breakdown below:

.@Eagles dropped at least 7 passes; definitely more but here are 7 for sure. Lots of blame to go around but the receivers had a bad day; all of them. Get on the “jugs machine” before Thursday. The @packers pack a good young defense with talent. #BaldysBreakdowns— Brian Baldinger (@BaldyNFL) September 23, 2019

Miles Sanders touched the ball 308 times at Penn State and put the ball on the ground 10 times and now 2 fumbles in 40 touches as an Eagle. This is definitely a concern given his history and if he can’t hold on to the ball then he shouldn’t play. Why do we have Jordan Howard again? The same goes for Agholor but currently we have no other options at the wide receiver position even if Doug wanted to sit him down. If the Eagles continue to turn the ball over this will be a LONG season.

Matthew Stafford was 18-32 for 201 yards and 1 Touchdown pass. This stat line is not as bad as I imagined it was going to be watching the game live. It felt like 0 passes defensed too but ended up being 6 (2 from Linebackers). It seemed that anytime the Lions needed a big play they got it that was true for the most part especially when the Eagles sent some extra guys. Per @JawsCEOQB Stafford was 62% comp, 10.1 yd/att, 1 TD & 135.9 passer rating when the Eagles sent the Blitz. Go Figure!

I watched this game from the End zone of the 200 Section and the non-separation from the receivers was very eye opening to what Carson is working with out there. Their routes were slow and seemed to take forever. Carson needs to get the ball out faster? Where? Next Man Up? Ha-ha! The Lions went man to man and doubled Ertz knowing these receivers couldn’t beat them. I know the top 2 receivers are out but other teams do not have the drop off we have at this position. It falls on Howie and the bad drafts. Nelson Agholor is a first round pick! Mack did okay but nothing special. How many Wide receivers have we drafted? How about JJAW? Check out this tweet from @BrandonGowton:

Drafted after JJAW

D.K. Metcalf – 9 for 217, 1 TD
Terry McLaurin – 10 for 187, 2 TD
Preston Williams – 11 for 155, 1 TD
Diontae Johnson – 7 for 94, 1 TD
KeeSean Johnson – 9 for 90
Darius Slayton – 3 for 82
Hunter Renfrow – 9 for 71

etc.— Brandon Lee Gowton (@BrandonGowton) September 23, 2019

The Eagles had no business being in this game at all with everything we listed above but somehow they were still in it. The offense despite all the issues still put up 24 points which is encouraging and take away the bone head plays we may have an easy win. Green Bay is going to be a very tough game on the road this Thursday night. This is a Doug Pederson game if I have ever seen one and the game plan needs to be on point.

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