Howie Should Hook Them Horns

In this era of the NFL, it is important to have players that can play many different positions. We have seen quarterbacks become wide receivers, cornerbacks become safeties, and linebackers become a defensive lineman. Regardless of which player the Eagles draft, they should have versatility in being able to change positions to help the team improve their chances of winning.  Could Howie Hook them Horns?

A big need for the Eagles leading into the NFL Draft is the safety position.  When you think about a safety, you might not think to convert a linebacker into a strong safety, but in this case, it makes the best sense. With the second-round pick, Howie should go to the great state of Texas to draft an outside linebacker, DeMarvion Overshown. 

Who is DeMarvion Overshown?

Overshown attended Arp High School in Texas. As a senior, he had 142 tackles and five sacks. He played in the 2018 Under Armour game.  He committed to the University of Texas.  Through his first two seasons at Texas, he played safety but did not wow his coaches. In his Junior season, they moved him to outside linebacker. 

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Overshown performed well at the NFL Combine by running a 4.56 40-yard dash and benching 15 reps. Overshown has more of the measurables to be a game-changing safety. If you compare his physical measurables, he would be compared to Kyle Hamilton. If you were to compare his athletic measurables, he compares closer to an Earl Thomas III. Reaching the same type of success as Thomas has in his career would take a lot of work and development on Overshown’s part.

Some of OVershown’s strengths are that he shows incredible patience to let the play develop before he makes a move. Another strength of his is that he has great field awareness. One of his glaring weaknesses is that he is undersized as an outside linebacker, but this could be overcome by moving to safety and allowing him to have a running start when blitzing.

Howie Should Hook Them Horns

If Howie is going to draft Overshown, the Eagles will have to be patient if they were to move him back to safety. This might mean that he will not be a starter for the Eagles defense in his rookie season. There is a good chance he should get significant reps. The safety position is of great need for the Eagles this draft, so sometimes it is better to have many candidates fighting over the same position. Let the cream rise to the top, or let these players show out.   

Joe Marks
Joe Marks