Howie will screw this up, no doubt

Howie will screw this up, no doubt. It is yet to be known whether the decision to start Jalen Hurts is for the future of the Philadelphia Eagles or simply a perfect time to showcase Jalen Hurts to flip him for draft picks. Perhaps, it’s both. One, thing we do know for sure though is somehow Howie Roseman WILL screw this up.

Carson this season has taken 40 Sacks, thrown 14 Interceptions, and fumbled 10 times. All of which leads the league in each category. Literally, everyone, other than maybe Carson’s family, was calling for his benching.

That time finally came in the early second half of the Packers game two Sundays ago. A game that was already out of reach but ended having a number of flashes of excitement due to the play of Jalen Hurts. Doug, ultimately then, made the decision that Jalen would get the start the following week vs the Saints and their #1 defense.

Wouldn’t you know it, Hurts comes out and leads the Eagles to victory, 24-21. Jalen finished the day with 106 Rush, 167 Pass, and 1 TD. Doug has already confirmed he will stick with Jalen for the next game vs the Arizona Cardinals. Ad

Howie Is The Problem

Here is where we know Howie is going to screw it up.

For starters, Howie himself has created this mess. He gave Carson a $128 million dollar contract. One that doesn’t even kick in till next season. Only to just weeks later, draft Jalen Hurts in the second round (#53 overall) of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Howie could’ve gotten Carson more offensive help. He could’ve drafted for a need on defense. But no, he chose to do the one thing that could rattle our “franchise” QB’s confidence and once again cause him to look over his shoulder. He drafted a Quarterback!

Fast forward 8 months and here we are. 14 weeks into the 2020 season. The Eagles are 4-8-1. Wentz is benched ( 3-8-1). Hurts (1-0) is starting. Hurts will likely finish out the season. But then what? What if Hurts wins out? Carson is owed $34.9 million dollars next season. Is he or his contract even tradeable at this point? Is Jalen Hurts the one who gets traded and Carson is our “franchise” QB again?

This is what I mean by saying Howie is going to screw this up. More than he already has. We have a fanbase that is a 50/50 split. Getting rid of either of them is gonna cause a major backlash. However, you can’t ride into next season with Hurts as your starter and Carson making $34 million + as a backup. If Wentz hits the trade block teams know you have to move him so the trade value is instantly diminished.

If Hurts hits the trade block. Yes, I believe they could get a substantial haul in return if he finishes the season strong. But then, you have to worry again which Wentz you are getting the 2017 MVP-type play or the mediocre play we have seen since.

Not to mention, Howie sucks ass at drafting. So there is that worry as well.

Icing on the cake, the Eagles cap issues heading into the offseason are historically dire. Trading Carson would provide a huge relief for the cap. Although, it takes two to tango so finding a trade partner could cost the Eagles even more than just Wentz. May have to sweeten the deal with a mid to late draft pick as well.

All we know for sure though is this whole situation is really messed up. All the fingers point to one person, Howie Roseman. It will be a fat chance Howie losses his job at the end of the season. Should he? Probably. The one thing there is no doubt about. If he is with the organization. He will screw everything up once again.

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