Hungry Bulldogs Run Faster

The Eagles preach, “hungry dogs run faster!” The question is, “Do hungry bulldogs run faster?” The Philadelphia Eagles need some dynamic help when it comes down to the defensive line. With Fletcher Cox getting up in years, it’s high time that the Philadelphia Eagles select some players on the defensive line with a high draft choice this NFL draft season. Looking for a good defensive lineman, no defense was stronger in the FPS than the Georgia Bulldogs. The team was named national champions in 2021 and their defense is top-tier. One of its top-tier defensemen was Travon Walker.

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Travon Walker Stats

Walker standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 275 lb has good burst, great strength, and great agility. Even though that Georgia’s defense was one of the best in the nation, Walker didn’t have the best stats but definitely still brings a lot to the table when it comes down to town.

In his career, he had sixty-one tackles, nine and a half sacks, and one forced fumble. In the bigger picture of things, Travon Walker’s stats in comparison to the rest of his teammates do not seem as impressive, but some of the other dynamics to his game make him a standout in this upcoming NFL draft.

Walker ran a 4.51 40-yard dash at the latest NFL combine in early March. He also showed his quickness in the 40-yard – but showed his agility within the field exercises. Walker’s comparison to a former Eagle would have to be Vinny Curry. Vinny Curry was versatile on the defensive line because he could move both inside to defensive tackle. Curry also be able to play outside as a defensive end.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Walker shows that same versatility because he’s able to have the speed to be a good Edge rusher. Travon also has the strength on the interior to be a good defensive tackle. Walker has great quickness and hand strength which allows him to get up the middle as a d-tackle. He also has the speed to get around the edge as a defensive end. Walker has the ability to be both a Blitzer and drop into coverage. Another strength for Walker is that he’s able to read the quarterback’s eyes which is important when thinking about trying to draft a defensive end who could guard on screen passes.

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One of Walker’s biggest weaknesses is that he has difficulty making one-on-one tackles in an open field situation. With the right coaching that can be rectified. Hungry bulldogs will run faster.

If Howie Roseman was smart he would draft Travon Walker in the first round with either the 15th or the 18th pick. Regardless of the Eagles moving on from Fletcher Cox next season they need to start building up the next generation of that defensive line. Travon Walker along with other pieces that could be drafted or picked up in free agency in the coming year could be the key for the Eagles in their defensive dominance going forward in the coming year.

Joe Marks
Joe Marks