Hurts Changes Jersey #, Here we go again


Here we go again with all the conspiracy theories. Jalen Hurts has changed his jersey number from #2 to #1. Has to be because Carson Wentz is now #2 in Indianapolis. Right? Really, that is the thing this Eagles Fanbase is going with now?

This fanbase can’t be this paranoid, can it? Turns out we 100% absolutely are. Why do we always go to such extremes instead of thinking logically?

Couldn’t it just be that Hurts wore #1 at Oklahoma? And, the number wasn’t available after being drafted (former Eagles Punter, Cameron Johnston, wore #1)? We have no idea if #1 was the number Hurts originally wanted. In fact, no Eagles Quarterback has ever worn #1 until now. No, couldn’t be for any one of those reasons, right?

Hurts could’ve chosen to change his numbers for many reasons. But, I doubt I’m going out on a limb here in saying Carson Wentz played a very minimal role, if any, in Hurts’ decision.

Truthfully, seeing as how no Eagles Quarterback has ever worn #1 before i give the team kudos for granting the number to Jalen. He is our QB1. Now get out there a prove it. I for one can’t wait to see what he can do with a full offseason with the team.

I just ask whoever is reading this. Before rushing to Twitter or Facebook to spew some nonsense about what conspiracy is next up on the agenda. To just take a moment and think, “what is the most logical reasoning behind this”. You will be must better off. Trust me.

  • Joey Sheeran
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Joey Sheeran
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