ICYMI with Charlie Bowles – Feb. 13th, 2020

Wednesday was a bit of a snoozer in the sports world. In another attempt to speed up the game a new rule that I believe is significant any pitcher that enters the game MUST face a minimum of at least three batters ( unless ending an inning ) Gone are the back to back to back switches that have made baseball some nights as slow as chess. I think at the end of the day baseball is what it is. You love it or hate it. The league has been trying to react to a new generation of fans. If you really want to make a change shorten the season to 120 games. I think after a team takes the field over 100 times we can figure out who is the best. I remain to love the game and feel aside from that it should remain in its purest form. The problem is no the actual game its the commitment it takes from our lives to be a fan. 

Let’s get to the action :


In the game of the night, the Lakers held off the Nuggets in Denver 120-116. Lebron James had another triple-double with 32 points, 12 rebounds, 14 assists. Anthony Davis added 33 points and 10 rebounds. The Nuggets were led by Jamal Murray and his 32 points. I think what hurt Denver is despite 22 from Nikola Jokic he was naturalized in the paint not getting to the foul line until the final minutes. Make no mistake the Nuggets are a solid team and also were impressive. 

Pacers 118 Milwaukee 111. The Freak started him All-Star Break early and the Pacers got a win they desperately needed. 
Mavericks 130 Kings 111. Welcome back Luka Doncic who had 33 points 12 rebounds 

Nets 101 Raptors 91 Kyle Lowry says “Its only one game” Michael Jordan I am sure winced. They lost a 15 game winning step. Gone are the days of winning every day. 

# 3 Kansas held on for a 58-49 win over a game West Virginia team 
#5 Louisville ( UPSET AS CALLED BY THE EDGE TEAM ) by Georgia Teach 64-58
#20 Houston beat South Florida 62-58  If you are a Houston fan you suffered a BAD BEAT as they say but if you had the Bulls of South Florida ( As the Edge Team DID ) that final second meant everything 

Light schedule the Bruins, Kings, and Canucks all get the W 

The numbers are in on week one. The Initial game between DC And Seattle drew 3.3 Million fans and peaked at 4 million. Compared to the AAF which debuted on a Saturday night a year ago and averages 2.9 million viewers. The response I feel though has been much different. The league has already caught on with the betting community which brings in a huge new group. Also a lot of players, celebrities also commented they were enjoying the action. I am encouraged and excited about the longevity of the league. 

With that said this week’s lines are out : ( Check back for selections as the week goes on ) 
DC -7. NY. 47.5Tampa Bay  -3. Seattle 44Dallas -3.5. Los Angeles 48Houston -7.5 Saint Louis 49.5 

The Genesis Invitational at Riveria starts today with 9 of the top 10 players teeing it up 
We will go with a longer shot in Bubba Watson 22-1 to win 
A long-short worth a wager is Francesco Molinari 125-1 

Our Picks 
Week 18-8  ( 4-2 last evening ) 
Check out our live twitter feed throughout the afternoon as well add today’s selections. in the coming weeks, we will be adding a section for easier access 

Enjoy the sports Day!

Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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