Could Carson be the next Andrew Luck?

Could Carson be the next Andrew Luck? Fair Warning. This article has no truth (yet) to it. There are no rumors. It is hypothetical. It’s simply my own paranoia and speculation.


Let me first say, this was a thought of mine from literally right after Andrew Luck retired. I will explain why I see similarities.

Andrew Luck picked 1st overall in the 2012 NFL draft. Looked at to be a savior for a dying franchise. He was often injured and decided to retire at the young age of 29 during a Colts preseason. Already making a boatload of money with his health and family in mind. Honestly, kudos. Ad

Carson isn’t much different. He was drafted 2nd overall in the 2016 Draft. Here is where Carson’s story starts. He replaces Sammy Sleeves in 2016, losing season. Next season, has an MVP type season before injury. His backup wins the franchises’ first Super Bowl. Carson vs Nick debate begins. 2018 another injury. The same backup takes the team to the second round of the playoffs. Backup QB leaves. Bad 2019 season but great last month. Win the division. Starts in his first playoff game. Another injury within the first few snaps of your first playoff performance. 2020, Back healthy, the whole team plays badly in what is a garbage division. Be criticized every snap. That wraps up his season so far right. Eagles 3-5-1

Could Carson Retire?

Well, what exactly does Carson have to stick around for? Now Married, with Child, $100 million in the bank, has a “Ring”, Wants to stay healthy, He has his AO1 foundation. One more bad hit could change his outlook on things.

I’ve said it a few times before on my show. What if Carson does exit in Andrew Luck fashion?

Does the #53 pick of Jalen Hurts suddenly make sense? The odds are there. It could happen, Maybe? Jalen Hurts starting is not too far fetched.

Only time will tell how Carson’s story will end. I for one, wouldn’t be surprised to see Wentz ride out into the sunset sooner than later. But until that day, I’m fully in Carson I trust. That’s my Quarterback.

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