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Is Drafting Caleb Farley A Risk? – Caleb Farley, what can be said? Well, at one time viewed as one of the top Cornerbacks hitting this year’s NFL draft scene. Now, looked at as a possible defensive liability.

The question here isn’t IF the Eagles should draft Farley. It’s a matter of when. Just a week or two ago considered a top 10 pick, the Hokies product now looks to possibly slip to the back end of the first round or top second round.

The issue? Farley recently had a back procedure. The big deal is it is the second procedure he has had on his back. This is causing some red flags on Caleb’s durability. The bright side? The injury was a non-football injury. It occurred doing a workout.

Explained here by Caleb himself.

“It’s an original deadlift injury that had herniated my L5 disc and bulged my S1. I chose to move forward and do the discectomy on the L5 herniation, which gave me immediate relief after.”

Is Caleb Farley the answer?


Let’s be honest, the talent is there. His skills are obvious. With so much riding on this draft, the worry is, does Howie take the risk at #12 with Farley or wait for the early second round to grab a much-needed upgrade to our corner position with fingers crossed that Farley is still available. Of course, there is the worry of Farley being another Sidney Jones situation.

When it comes to the Sidney Jones thing, I’ve heard some chatter but I feel that is the furthest of worries when it comes to Farley. With that said, seeing how Jones is no longer an Eagle not based on injury history, imagine if the Eagles took Jones in the first round of that 2017 draft and he didn’t pan out due to talent. Now, there is where some worry should land with Farley.

I don’t foresee any of that being an issue though. I’ve watched his tape. The highlights. The pro day. The interviews. The stats. This kid to me is the real deal. In fact, arguably the best corner in the draft. If he went to a school that got more coverage Farley would be ranked right there with Surtain, 1(a) & 1(b).

This draft may very well be a make or break for our pal, Howie Roseman. And, although Farley checks all the boxes for me. My research only matters to me and the few (million) that follow me (jk). Howie’s research is what matters to the masses. A fanbase that lives, eats and breathes Eagles football. If Farley is the pick at #12 you better be ready to bet your ass it is the right one.

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