Is the 10 too Heavy?

In the 2022 season, Daniel Gazdag had one of the best performances in all of the MLS scoring 24 goals and 8 assists on the season, which catapulted the Philadelphia Union to the top of the east and, ultimately, the MLS finals. With that, the Philadelphia Union gave him the honor of wearing the number 10 jersey for the 2023 season. The question is the 10 too heavy?

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Is the 10 too Heavy?

The 10 is more than just a number or position on the pitch. Throughout the years, it has been worn by some of the best players in history. Somewhere along the line, it became a character on its own. It means you are the heart; you control the middle. It takes a special kind of player to wear and hold the 10 to that standard. As far as the Philadelphia Union was concerned after last season, Gazdag was the guy.

gazdag wearing 10

After a more than rocky start to the season, there have been some questions about Daniel. Maybe he is having issues with carrying what comes attached to the number. So far this season, his play has been sloppy, missing passes, not finding teammates, not finishing, or creating that opportunity of goal that we saw almost every single game last season. Some people believe that he hasn’t been the same since he missed the first PK at the MLS finals, and is weighing heavily on him.

The season is young, and with extra games being played, there is plenty of opportunity for him to turn it around. And we can get back to seeing the player we saw last year. The creator, the goal scorer, the tone setter. Gazdag has to get himself out of this hole with the help of his teammates and, most importantly, his coach. Until we see some improvement this season, the question will remain, is the 10 too heavy?

Gustavo Seminario
Gustavo Seminario

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