It is the Daniel Gazdag Show

For the better part of the month, the Philadelphia Union has put on a SHOW with the smackdown of yet another Liga MX opponent. In big part to the efforts of our very own Daniel Gazdag scoring a Hat trick. The Philadelphia Union’s 10 had himself yet another great outing in the league cup against a Queretaro team that had no answer for the boys in blue. It truly was the Daniel Gazdag Show.


Gazdag in Control

The Union came out with a purpose in the first half, with control and precision when making plays. Keeping with the tradition of taking care of business in Subaru Park and scoring three goals to finish the half. Gazdag started us off with a ball from Elliott that was perfectly placed on the bottom corner to give Philadelphia a 1-0 lead in minute ’30, a PK in minute ’39, and finally, a header goal from Nate Harriel to finish out the half.

At the start of the second half, we saw a Queretaro team that came out a little more aggressive and a Union team that once again looked like it wasn’t ready for the break to be over. However, that did not last for long. In minute ’63, we saw another PK taken by Gazdag to give him the Hat trick for the night and become the leader in goals scored for the cup so far. After about 15 minutes after the 2nd half started, we saw a more composed Philadelphia team that was trying to keep possession and control of the game but still had an attacking mentality, which gave the opportunity for young Jack McGlynn to score a beautiful goal to wrap up the game from outside the box. The Daniel Gazdag Show ended in a Union win.

The Unions Statement

So far in the cup, the Union has let teams know that they are here to play, and a huge part of that is players stepping up and getting better. Bueno has earned a spot in the starting 11 by making the right plays and never giving up on the ball. As the games go by, he keeps getting more and more chances, and we look forward to seeing him get that opportunity to DOOP!

Gustavo Seminario
Gustavo Seminario

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