It Is time Jake Paul Calls Out Someone His Own Size

It is time for EoP Fights. It is time Jake Paul calls someone out his own size. We’ve all seen it by now. Jake Paul throwing a sloppy punch that knocked out 37-year-old Nate Robinson right before the Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr fight. Now Jake, a cruiserweight, wants to call out Conor McGregor, who normally fights at 145 and 155, with the occasional 170 fight. Ad

The media of course eats it up because Jake Paul gives them something to run with that allows them to use McGregor’s name for clicks. But why isn’t Jake Paul calling out an MMA fighter or even a Boxer, since that’s what he wants to do, in his own weight class? The answer…. he’s knows he can’t actually hang.

That’s the part no one wants to point out that bothers me the most. People will claim “Conor fought Mayweather and he isn’t even a boxer.” First off he was an All Ireland Champion boxer at the youth level before turning to MMA. He also was the 145 and 155 pound champion of the UFC at the same time. He was the top fighter in his sport. So yes, he called out a top fighter in a different martial art. Jakes a YouTuber who beat a 37-year-old retired basketball player. See the difference?

The fact that some people, not even his own brother will, entertain this is insane. If Jake wants to fight an MMA fighter in a boxing match I am fine with it. Call out someone in your own weight class. I’m sure everyone in the light heavyweight division would love an easy payday flattening Paul. Those wild hooks aren’t going to work on someone that knows how to protect their chin. 

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Jim McElhone
Jim McElhone



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