JaCoby Stevens, Safety Out of LSU

With the 224th in the 6th Round of the NFL Draft the Philadelphia Eagles Select JaCoby Stevens safety out of LSU. The Eagles bottom half of the draft was mainly defense.

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Jacoby is 6 ft 1 inch tall, weighing 212 pounds, with 32 inches arm length. In his junior year recorded 84 tackles. Also in his senior year he tallied up 61 tackles and 9 interceptions and had many offers with big SEC Teams including Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Tennessee.

And would be recruited to LSU. He also played wide receiver and safety in his Freshman Year. Ultimately he would move to safety. He became a full-time starter and recorded 8.5 tackles exactly like in High School. Stevens was a great inside-the-box defender against the run. Jacoby Stevens earned All-SEC Conference. Hoping that the Eagles kind find potential with him.

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