Jalen Hurts Putting In the Leg Work

The Philadelphia Eagles head into Los Angeles to face the LA Rams. The Eagles coming off a grind-it-out home win against Washington Commanders. That game came down to the wire in overtime. Jake Elliot played a big role in field goals by going 4 for 4. His last field goal was the one that bailed the Eagles out of trouble after he nailed a 54-yard field goal that would seal the deal. The Rams looking to continue building momentum after slugging it out with the Indianapolis Colts. Jalen Hurts leads the Eagles to victory by literally and figuratively putting in the leg work.


The Connection

The connection has been unparalleled since the sideline conversation between AJ Brown and Jalen Hurts. I assume it was about not getting enough touches or the play designs. However, AJ Brown has been Jalen Hurt’s go-to guy since then. His primary target in the last few games. In their last three games together, AJ Brown has recorded 15 catches for 433 yards and 2 TDs, making a lot of fantasy owners very happy. AJ Brown was finding himself beating the one-on-one coverages. Whether it was across the middle or deep down the side, it didn’t matter. His speed makes him tough to defend, and his height and muscle mass make him one tough customer to try to tackle.

AJ Brown’s first catch of the game. He creates spacing on the outside for a nice Eagles first down. AJ Brown beats cornerback Derion Kendrick one-on-one, and AJ Brown makes a one-handed catch over the middle. Derion Kendrick found out firsthand that AJ Brown is not easy to defend AJ Brown when he drew 2 major plenties on himself. one was horse collar, and the other was pass interference.

Keeping Them on Their Heels

Jalen Hurts did a fine job of keeping the Ram’s defense on their heels. Not only was AJ Brown a handful to deal with, but Jalen Hurts was spreading the ball around and getting tight end Dallas Godert involved in the passing scheme. As a matter of fact, on the first offensive drive, Dallas Godert had 4 catches for 45 yards and a touchdown. However, the major component was Jalen Hurts legs. Not only did Jalen Hurts throw the football for 25 competitions for 303 yards, a TD, and a pick. He also ran the ball with 15 carries for 72 yards and a TD.

Jalen Hurts converted a lot of first downs with his legs, especially in the 3rd-1 or 4th-1 situations, which was wearing down the Ram’s front-four defense. What was amazing to me was the fact when Jalen Hurts was under pressure from the Ram’s defense, he would make a play with legs or find the right man open—causing double the trouble for this Ram’s defense. Eagles fans can tip their cap to Brian Johnson’s Eagles offensive coordinator playbook. Throwing out different formations. putting together a combination of running plays and passing plays. It is all about the leg work for Jalen Hurts.

Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

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