Jalen Wydermyer Difference Maker?

The Eagles need help in this draft starting next week. The area that is not discussed as much but should be considered is the tight end position. Last season, trading Zach Ertz in the season leaves questions on everyone’s minds. Who would be the second tight end besides Dallas Goedert? Texas A&M Jalen Wydermyer might be the perfect solution come draft night.

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How Does Jalen Wydermyer Measure Up?

          Jalen measures 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs in at 255lbs. He was a Junior at Texas A&M. Last Season, Jalen was a Mackey Award Finalist, SEC All-Second Team in 2020, again in 2021. He earned these accolades in his first- and second-year student seasons.

          According to NFL experts, he has excellent set hands. Jalen has tremendous speed. He can jump and contest balls. Yards after the catch are aplenty with Jalen Wydermyer. Similar attributes to former Eagles tight end Brent Celek and Zach Ertz saw over the years. There is not a lot of criticism in his game, but if there is o,h, his blocking needs a little bit of improvement.

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Fit with Eagles?

          But overall, the Eagles need to find themselves the Tight End position, and it is a copycat league, and if I’m Howie Roseman, come draft night? Jalen Wydermyer will be the closest Tight End for the next ten years, and that is a significant key position you need in this league.

James Scorza
James Scorza

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