Jermaine Johnson II | Linebacker | FSU

The Philadelphia Eagles have been in dire need of a linebacker or a very versatile edge rusher for quite some time. This draft hopes to complete their mission in order to get a dynamic player on its defensive line. The draft is deep with talented defensive linemen as well as talented linebackers.

The Eagles and Howie Roseman can take advantage of that depth by not only picking up one linebacker or Edge rusher but two. One key prospect in the upcoming NFL draft should be Jermaine Johnson II, out of Florida State University.

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Jermaine Johnson College Career

Jermaine Johnson II is a 6’5” 260 lb defensive Edge rusher with a linebacker body. Johnson can play in a versatile position on the defense. He can play both as an edge rusher in a y- 9 positions or as a stand-up linebacker. At Florida State, Johnson was one of the only ACC players on defense to ever win an ACC Defensive Player of the Year award in his first year. Jermaine Johnson came from Georgia and transferred to Florida State during his junior year. Georgia State is known for their hellacious defense, Johnson was a player when he transferred to Florida State. He was able to make his own elites path to the NFL.

Johnson scored very high at the NFL combine this past March. He was able to record a 4.58 40 time and was able to show great technique in the on-field drills. Johnson’s key attributes are his quickness off the line. His vicious and ferocious hands, and his way of not being able to break contain. Johnson II’s career stats in college were hundred and six tackles, three forced fumbles, and set eighteen sacks.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This puts Johnson II in an elite territory when it comes down to edge rushers and linebackers in the upcoming draft. Jermaine Johnson II also worked very closely with Travon Walker from Georgia in their two years together in 2020 and 2019.

Some of Johnson II’s weaknesses are that he’s a bit inconsistent with some of the fundamentals of tackling. Johnson II’s weakness is that he has some inconsistency with tackling in an open field. The Eagles should look for Johnson II in the second round. There is a lot of depth at the linebacker position in this draft season. If the Eagles are able to take a linebacker or a dresser in the first round, Jermaine Johnson II would surely be a steal in the second round to shore up the middle of their defense.

Joe Marks
Joe Marks