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Matty B with his ongoing series of 2022 NFL Draft Hopefuls.  Matt looks at Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis. A beefy mountain of a man Jordan Davis, would provide the clog on the line making NFL running backs and offensive linemen’ lives hell.  Davis uses his size and power to wreak havoc along with the interior and exterior of the O line.  His ability to take on multiple blockers would free up the linebackers to shoot gaps all day long.    

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Davis plays upright which does pose issues for the Defense against teams that plays outside zone offenses.  He lacks agility in that aspect, but that is not what Davis is going to be asked to do.  Simply put he suffocates blocks against him. He causes confusion along the offensive line opening up opportunities for the rest of the D. A must for a team searching for run-stopping help.

Davis does have mobility issues and speed is at the average for his position won’t be much at generating sustained QB pressure in passing situations. If put into the right situation and used the right way by NFL Defensive Coordinators Davis has the potential to be a dominant run stopper for a decade. NFL Potential 7


Davis would be another of those building pieces that Eagles management seems very high on these days. A premier run stopper in a heavy pass NFL a luxury for the Birds at this point?

I say at this point the interior of the Eagles’ D line is serviceable at least for the next 2-3 years. With the other gaping holes along this roster, the pick of Davis does not make sense for their Birds at his projected spot in the draft.  If by some miracle he falls into the second round then absolutely yes.  Eagles Potential 4

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The Eagles will not select Jordan Davis

Davis is projected to go anywhere from the mid-picks to the later picks in the 1st round of the 2022 NFL Draft.  This is a position where the Birds grade out with three draft picks. Simply put the Eagles have bigger priorities to address than the interior defensive line at this time. Though drafting Davis with any of those two picks would certainly not be a mistake. It would be viewed as another miscalculation by Howie.              

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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