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Matty B with his ongoing series of 2022 NFL Draft Hopefuls.  Matt looks at Penn State Punter Jordan Stout. 


Ok, ok hang in there with me, yes, he is writing about a punter.  Call me old school but solid special teams to me is a key ingredient for a championship team.  The battle of field position is a very critical element of football and let’s face the facts folks the Bird’s defense can use all the help it can get.  Last year with Aaron Sipos doing the punting was well a crapshoot every time he stepped on the field.  Not since 2020 with Cameron Johnston have the Birds had solid punting. That year Johnston did not set the league on fire but was a far better option than the Birds had in 2021.  It is time to put to bed the punter question for the Philadelphia Eagles and to do that we look to Happy Valley Pa.          

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A multiple-kicking threat able to both punt and kickoff Stout will punt in the NFL. He combines power and touch to turn over fields. Stout combines quality power with outstanding touch to flip fields and throw darts depending upon his positioning. His balls have outstanding hangtime which greatly limits returns and most importantly he rarely puts the ball in the endzone. On the negative side of things, Stout has shown disinterest in tacking during those moments when he was called into action.  Directional punting is also a part of his game that he needs to work on at the NFL level.  NFL Potential 8  


A lot can be said about building a championship team with the pieces of offense and defense but a solid special team does go a long way. We saw that ourselves during the Superbowl season of 2017.  I am not saying that drafting a punter will be that missing piece but drafting the right punter will put to bed worrying about that position for years to come. Eagles Potential 8

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Hey, it’s Penn State so I say that is the over-the-top aspect of this pick.  A very late selection of a punter here is very appropriate.  This pick will end any conversation of the special teams from a punting standpoint for years to come.  Stout will provide that presence as we continue to build a champion here in Philly.             

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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