Keep the 3 Points Coming for the Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union made another statement this week, this time against NYFC. For the first time ever and the first this season, NYFC suffered a loss in Citifield, the home of the NY Mets. Keep the 3 points coming for the Philadelphia Union.


It was great to see curtain keeping with 5 players on the back line. It has made the Union look like the team we were last year and has opened up the field a bit more. The first half saw a Union team trying to contain the attack from a very skilled NYFC front. Some areas of opportunity came at the feet of our very own Brujo.

Martinez seemed like he couldn’t find his footing early in the game, with lots of sloppy touches and turnovers. The most crucial one came in minute 30, which led to a very nicely placed ball to the back of the net by Gabriel Pereira that gave NYFC the lead. However, the Union did not stand down.

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Extra Time

Just getting into extra time in the first half, an old friend of the Union came back to make its mark. Yes, the long ball came back with a vengeance. With both balls coming from the back line King Julian was able to control the ball and put it in the back of the net in minute 46’ and with a ball coming from Martinez, who was struggling up until then, came an assist from Uhre back to King Julian in minute 48’ to make it 2-1 favoring the Philadelphia Union and turned the game around in a matter of 3 minutes.

Heading into the second half, the boys in blue and gold looked more relaxed and were able to play Curtain’s style of football that has worked for a number of years in Philadelphia. Controlling the ball, minimizing turnovers, and always looking to score. During minute 53’ Carranza was taken down in the box, and the ref awarded us a PK. Gazdag, with ice in his veins, converted the PK to make it 3-1. Who better than our 10 to take on the shot and put us up by 2? This makes 14 out of 14 PKs made this year for Daniel.

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Philly Hitting Their Stride

This deep into the season, the Philadelphia Union seems to be hitting a stride with a 7-game unbeaten streak and jumping to 4th in the standings. This is a crucial part of the season, and we have to take this momentum and ride the wave. The good news is that the Union seem to have found the magic that got them to fight for the MLS Cup once again. Let’s hope the Union can keep the 3 points coming.

Gustavo Seminario
Gustavo Seminario

5 for 5 Philadelphia sports fan. Originally from Peru been watching soccer since I was five years old, first sport I fell in love with.