Kevin Durant to the Sixers?

Call me crazy, but as I see the Philadelphia 76ers they have a rapidly closing window of opportunity. This is based entirely on the shoulders of Joel Embiid. In trying to be objective, I see three years of either a championship or exit of the big fella. So let me jump right off the ledge. If the Nets are coming apart at the seams and Kyrie Irving wants to depart is Kevin Durant right behind him? How would KD look playing next to JOJO? Pretty damn good, at least I think. Yes, he’s had injury issues, but he is arguably a top 3 player in the league. What would it cost us who would go? Would the weirdest thing you heard all day be, Kevin Durant to the Sixers?

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The Cost of Business

Tobias Harris would most likely be a max-for-max fit, and here’s the crazy part. Tyrese Maxey may have to be included. The Brooklyn Nets wouldn’t be in on the deal without him. I can hear the screaming now“ you can’t trade Maxey” but ask yourself is he the team or is JOJO? Did we just suffer the last seven years of process to build around Tyrese Maxey? Only if you are bailing out on Embiid. Clearly, this team needs a killer. Durant is that killer! Get KD and take an all-in shot at the championship.

Yes, it would kill the fans to give up Maxey. He plays with such joy on the court that I haven’t seen since Allen Iverson. Maxey isn’t Iverson and to build around him means you have to start now with the only real asset being Embiid. This is a Wayne’s World dream sequence thing it won’t happen but if the opportunity presented itself logic dictates this path to complete the process. How would you feel about Kevin Durant to the Sixers? Is the cost worth it?

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Frank Finnegan
Frank Finnegan