Koli The Goalie Is On The Way

A move that was first hinted at by Flyers President of Hockey Operations Keith Jones back in February has seemingly come true.  Alexei Kolosov is coming over to North America this season. The Flyers drafted Kolosov or Koli the goalie if you will in the 3rd round #78 overall in the 2021 NHL draft. Kolosov’s KHL team the Dinamo Minsk, announced he’s departing to come play for the Flyers.

The Hurdles

Pump your brake everyone the goalie messiah du jour has multiple hurdles to overcome before you will see him wearing orange and black this year. Hurdle number 1 Kolosov has never played a game in North America. He has had success in the 3rd best professional hockey league in the world (the AHL is the 2nd best by the way). In four seasons in the KHL Kolosov has posted a 2.63 GAA, in 120 games played, posted a 49-56-10 record, 7 shutouts, and a .909 save percentage.  

Hurdle 2 He has also signed his entry-level contract this season with the Flyers a three-deal, that because he is over 20 years old has begun. After this season has ended, he will have two years remaining on the deal. Hurdle 3 The Flyers would have to assign him directly to them when he comes over. If they assign him to the Phantoms the only way he can come up to the Flyers is if an injury or an emergency occurs. The Flyers have already run out of their 4 call-up post-trade deadline moves due to the injuries to the D Corps.

It would be unwise to bring a goalie who has never faced this level of competition sit him as a backup and throw him into a playoff push (refer to Orion Kerkering for further information). So, the Valley would be a more sensible destination for Koli the goalie. Kolosov is one of the 7 prospective goalies the Flyers have under control. Being patient and allowing him to learn the style of play would be beneficial.


Kolosov should and will be given the chance next summer to compete. And he should factor into the Flyers plans in 2024-25. With all the turmoil that the Flyer’s goal tender position has faced this year, and with the continuing search for “that goalie” entering its 38th year it’s no wonder why Flyers fan’s eyes light up when a stranger from a foreign land arrives to our soil with a chance to be the messiah du jour.   

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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