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Kwity Paye Day at #12 for the Birds? If the Eagles stayed at #6 and make the draft pick. Some people would’ve been left disappointed for not trading back. If the Eagles stay at current position #12 and make the draft pick OR don’t trade back again into the later first round. Some people are gonna be disappointed. Either way, some fans will not be happy. That is just the way it is.

Howie and the fellas are on record firmly believing outside the Quarterback position. The “trenches” are the most important to a team. What are the “trenches” you ask? What do you live under a rock? Ok, Just kidding. They are the offensive and defensive lines. The Eagles brass believes that games are won and championship seasons are made on the frontlines. They aren’t wrong (per se).

The offensive line in the first round to me is a long shot. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. With a young left side in Jordan Mailata and Nate Herbig, Kelce returning at center, and Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson returning from injury. The Oline which I do think will be addressed in this year’s draft, in the first round is not where it will be.

The defensive line, however, is interesting. The defensive end position to be exact. Brandon Graham was extended but getting older. Josh Sweat is emerging and needs a larger role. And Derek Barnett is still a head-scratcher. Who we aren’t entirely sure will even be on the roster come OTA’s.

Enter Kwity Paye:

Kwity Paye has it all. Size, Speed, Burst, Athleticism. You name it, he has it. Sitting at 6’3″ 261lb, the Michigan captain had an impressive pro day. Running a 4.5 in the 40-yard dash along with 36 bench press reps. Paye is far and away the best edge rusher in the draft.

My issue, do the Birds look at Paye as the best available player for them at #12 or view him as the “Next Brandon Graham” who the franchise loves? Either one would be great. However, we don’t want the next Brandon Graham. What we need is the best Kwity Paye. I love B.G. but I want someone who is going to far exceed B.G. Why put a ceiling on this guy when the sky is the limit with his skillset.

Paye finished his collegiate career with 97 total tackles and 11.5 sacks. Those stats aren’t jumping off the print impressive. Nonetheless, only playing 4 games in the 2020 season creates a hard outlook on what a full season could’ve looked like.

With the draft just 2 weeks away, it is anyone’s guess which direction Howie goes in the first round. If it is Kwity Paye then for Howie’s sake (and our fans) it better be the correct pick. This team is in need of a lot of new talent, to say the least. Missing on this pick would be an awful start to what we hope is a complete 180° for this team.

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