Kyle Lowry to the Sixers?

The Pride of North Philly comes home to finish his career and bring a championship to Philadelphia? Not so fast. What are the Sixers going to have to give up to make this happen? Would this even guarantee an NBA Finals appearance?

“A source said Kyle Lowry would like to be in Philly,” Keith Pompey wrote via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “The source believes the Sixers and Raptors might be able to get something done. But if it comes to that, Toronto would most likely want some picks, young players, and veterans with expiring contracts.”

What are the Sixers giving up?

In the NBA, contracts have to match to make a deal happen. Kyle Lowry makes $30,500,000 so the Sixers would need to find a combination of players to equal that amount. Any deal is going to have to begin with Danny Green (15.3 Million) & Mike Scott (5 Million) then add in the young talent. The Sixers have 3 pieces that I would consider young talent which are Shake Milton, Tyrese Maxey and Matisse Thybulle. Tough call to give up any of these 3 but there may be a may a way to get it done without giving them up if you increase the pick compensation.

This is highly unlikely in my opinion but depending on the market could get it done. Might have to sprinkle in another Raptor at low cost.

What Kyle Lowry are the Sixers getting?

Kyle Lowry is 34 (35 on March 25th) years old coming off 6 straight years as an NBA Allstar. In 26 games this season he is averaging 18 points per game which is more than 3 of his six all star seasons. He is also shooting 39.5% from 3 which is 3rd highest of his career. Kyle is a bulldog on defense which could help take the pressure off Ben Simmons guarding the teams best player every night. His 6.5 assists are not anything to shrug off either. The addition of Lowry would also give the Sixers a ball handler down the stretch who can run the half court offense in the playoffs. Kyle Lowry may be older and a “rental” but he is still playing ball at a very high level. Just last night he posted a 20 point, 10 rebound, and 11 assist triple double!

Kenwood Dark

Is it worth it?

My main concern is losing both Thybulle & Green which takes away your best defenders at the 3. You could have Ben defend the three with Lowry at the one but who comes off the bench? Will Tobias Harris move to the 3 and Ben to the 4? Ben at the 3 could cause some major spacing issues on offense. I think this move alone does not guarantee an NBA Finals appearance but at the same time could still be worth it. I think Shake Milton is off the table because he is your 6th man off the bench. Its going to be Thybulle or Maxey if the deal gets done. Whomever it is, to make it “worth it”, another deal for some other pieces has to be in place as well. I.E. PJ Tucker and/or JJ Redick Ad

Time will tell as the rumors ramp up. Trade deadline is March 25th so get your popcorn ready! For More Philadelphia 76ers coverage click here.

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