Kyler Gordon | Cornerback Washington. 

With my ongoing series of 2022 NFL Draft hopefuls, I look at Kyler Gordon CB Washington. 

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For the Love of God Please  

Since sometime in the later years of the 2000s decade, was when the Eagles could claim in any way that they had a shutdown cornerback.  It has been eons since we could claim that status with our Football team. Mistake after mistake, missed draft pick after missed draft pick, etc.  Year after year the collected fan base has begged the Birds to settle the CB issue to no avail.  But wait could we be leaving the wilderness. 

In 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, the Birds struck in free agency and signed Darius Slay a lockdown CB. One part of the two-part puzzle is solved.  Now in 2022 with 2 first-round draft picks at our disposal now is the time to end the CB issue at least for the next two or three years with Kyler Gordon.           


Gordon, an elite high-performance NFL-ready CB could be there at 15 possibly.  I would also be ok with a trade to move up to select the missing puzzle piece of our secondary. Gordon excels both in zone and man coverage packages using his physicality and speed to his advantage.  His athleticism allows him to play both corner and nickel. He does at times lack polish but playing next to a Pro Bowl CB may polish him up quickly.

The usual knocks on him are not too glaring or concerning he does at times get a little too cute in coverage, his instincts are average at times all things that will be polished up at the NFL level. NFL Potential 8  

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If this is the missing piece to an issue that is now spanning three decades, and I think he is then it is a no-brainer the Birds should do what needs to be done to select Gordon at any cost possible.  His NFL-ready now play-making ability combined with his physicality makes Gordon a very attractive piece for the Eagles to select.   Eagles Potential 8


Most mock draft projections have Gordon being there at 19.  If that is the case the Birds need to grab him and move on from the Corner Back question. It would be one less issue to address in the near future and also aid in the retooling of the Birds’ defense. One of the glaring issues about the 2021 Philadelphia eagles was a lack of playmakers on both sides of the ball Gordon would be one less playmaker needed on defense.      

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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