Life Throws Pyfer Another Test

Life Gives Joe “Bodybagz” Pyfer Yet Another Test

Man, the anticipation was overflowing, we all just knew this was going to be Joey’s night!, yeah, yeah, yeah they had Joe as an underdog Against a rock-solid opponent Dustin Stoltzfus 12-1, but naaaa, we knew this was Joey Pyfer’s time to breakthrough!, he deserves it, and is ready!, for it was known the winner of this high-pedigree matchup is finally getting that long-awaited shot to get in the UFC!. Pound for Pound these guys were the two best fighters on this card, and we knew as soon as the action started, these guys were all UFC. We knew just from their immediate measured respect of power, and leg kicks, to just their overall demeanors of not rushing into just wildly entertaining but instead get the MMA Chessboard flowing. While Stutzfolz had some success with calf, and leg kicks so did Pyfer, Joe started to touch Stutzfolz with some buzzing shots, and back him up, eventually landing two beautiful three-quarter hook-like uppercuts to Dustin’s body, the kind of shots that add up quickly, the feeling as if the fight were to stay here Joey was gonna dial it all in very soon, and land some heavier shots upstairs.  Then Pyfer took an opportunity to land a solid takedown, again immediately both looked like pros’ with Stutzfolz moving immediately to guard, and a quasi-guillotine like a setup. With Pyfer recognizing it, defending it, Stoltzfus went to guard and wrist control, while Pyfer calmly gathering his top position carefully tucking his arms in without rushing to avoid any potential triangle set ups, Pyfer regains his posture, and lands some good measured shots from up top, and then there was a good scramble, Dustin immediately getting in on a double, while Pyfer had a potential guillotine like start with his left arm, but Stoltzfus was already deep into the double and raised Pyfer up high, Pyfer anticipating the slam reaches out with his right free arm to brace himself for impact, a guaranteed natural instinct we all have, as he places his right palm on the floor to embrace the ensuing crash, the twist, and force of both of their body weights’ is now suddenly all on Pyfers right arm, POP!, his elbow pops right-out, immediately giving way, his arm from the elbow down is now basically a flesh bag holding his forearm in a hard to look at improper position, to put it lightly, while all of us cheering for Joey collectively scream “AHHH F*&*!!!!, NO, NO!!! GODDAM*^%!!, This can’t be happening man!!” Pyfer just calmly looks at the ref to let him know that something ain’t right, as both the ref and Dustin look and see Pyfer’s now disfigured injured arm they immediately cease action, Pyfer calmly gathers himself and says “Ay Dustin, sorry this sucks, ” As to Apologize to Dustin that such a good fight heating up had to stop because of this freak incident that was really in no one’s control. As the rest of us collectively can’t believe Joe has to endure yet another setback, thinking “C’mon man, not this, not to Pyfer again.” Yet, somewhat ironically, isn’t this how it’s supposed to be?, for it actually wouldn’t be normal if everything went smooth for Pyfer, for nothing rarely ever has, you see Joe Pyfer has been fighting long before he even set foot in a professional MMA cage. If you don’t know his story, a few heartfelt paragraphs from me will not do it proper justice. Therefore, I have included a link to the mini-documentary by Chandler Henry about Joey Pyfer below called “From Nothing.”  It’s powerful and lets us behind the many curtains of pain, and perseverance a dysfunctional childhood can instill in us. And hope that even with that, there is truly a way out, and a way to turn your disadvantages, into eventual advantages. Joe Pyfer is in the midst of being the epitome of that. It genuinely gives hope to the rest of us, for with Pyfer its now brightly right in front of our faces, with just an all-out honest expose’ of constant hardships, that many of us would refuse to even mention, let alone fully share. He is showing us the way. Ad

Joe had a rough upbringing, to say the least, and never let that stand in his way. And although this could be just the beginning of a new chapter in his ever-evolving fight life, it is not much different than all of the other rounds in life he has faced. If anyone is prepared for the ultimate stage, it is Joe Pyfer yes even with this setback tonight, it’s like it’s part of his eternal redemptive script. Keep putting the obstacles there, and Pyfer will just keep rolling over them. Destiny delayed, is not destiny denied.

There have been whispers all throughout Delco and Philly gyms about Joe Pyfer, and his undeniable skill, along with his energy that just cuts through. You see, there are so many tough, skilled guys, throughout the Philly area, and even more so throughout the country, the world, all scratching and crawling to get a contract with the UFC. The margin of breaking through, and being seen by the UFC is so tough because of the high level of competition. Add to that the exponential growth of skills and style, combined the many mini-successes, the various ways to lose close decisions, the fraction of a second mistake that can lead to instantaneous submissions or the loss of consciousness, one can easily lose track as a pro fighter and be forgotten in the ever-growing wave of “new” shiny grinders pouring in. It’s understandable to a point because the world of MMA becomes more and more competitive year after year. Kids are growing up with various skills that are needed to win in today’s fast, multi-dimensional game. 

Joe Bodybagz Pyfer (Team Balance) only 23 years old is part of that new slice of a killer who is well versed in everything, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and as a boxer, he has crisp hands, with real weight and pop. These skills are unforgiving and can turn a fight around even more so than your typical constant danger of a pro fighter with four-ounce gloves throwing heat. You mix Pyfer’s fast, strong, accurate, and outright cruel hands with his lifelong fighting resume, along with his personal adaptations of a rough upbringing, and his competitive pedigree, you have a genuine recipe of a conqueror in waiting. He has already been through worse battles than most fighters and that means something, if not everything.

And Even though this is considered an “individual” sport, we all know you don’t get anywhere by yourself, it takes a team. With Ricardo Migliarese’s (Team Balance Studios BJJ) endless knowledge and passion for jiu-jitsu guiding Joe through the ocean of the mat and his striking coach, Sam Oropeza, keeping Joe’s angles, punches, and kicks precise, this has developed them into the formidable, trustworthy team. Sam has known Joey for years since he was a young kid hanging out at the gym. Sam has been looking out for Joey, giving him tips on the fight game long before this professional endeavor was even a dream. Their relationship is built on genuine trust and care. A true familial best interest has developed. Not to mention, Sammy O has invaluable knowledge of the pitfalls that an aspiring MMA fighter will run into. He has been navigating this treacherous road throughout his own successful MMA career. He will try and steer Pyfer to the best path possible because Sammy O has taken many bullets on the way, so hopefully, Joey won’t have to. He’s been through a lot, and tonight’s crazy setback is just part of the journey to further strengthen this steel. Rest that elbow Joe, get it back to full health and take your time for this unforgiving MMA world will be here when you get back and you will add this to your already abundance of a setback to perseverance resume’ of life.  

“FROM NOTHING” – The Story of Joe “Bodybagz” Pyfer By- Chandler Henry

Joe Tecce EOP-Sports-MMA

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