Marcus Mathers: All I Want 2

The can’t-miss wrestling show of the summer takes place this Thursday at the H2O wrestling center in Williamstown, NJ, at 8 pm. When Marcus Mathers presents All I Want 2. This will be the second show under the All I Want title. The first took place last June at the H2O center. If this event is anything like the first one, the fans in attendance, along with the ones watching on IWTV, are in for an amazing night. This year’s card is headlined by the three members of Wasted Youth Austin Luke, Marcus Mathers, and Dylan McKay each will be in singles matches taking on some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. McKay will take on Mike Bailey. Luke will take on Tracey Williams. Marcus Mathers will take on Zachary Wentz.

The card overall has ten matches scheduled with one pre-show match.  This show has a little something for everyone, death-match wrestling, tag team wrestling, fans will even get to see a pure rules match. Fans looking to attend this event can reach out to Marcus Mathers on Facebook or Twitter to secure their seats. Fans can also purchase their tickets at the door. Standing room tickets are 25 dollars and seats are 30 dollars. If you are within driving distance to the H20 center make sure you are there live Thursday night for this can’t miss show. Let’s take a deeper look at the two headlining matches on the card.

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All I Want 2 Card

Zachary Wentz vs. Marcus Mathers

Tracy Williams vs. Austin Luke

Mike Bailey vs. Dyln McKay

Brandon Kirk vs. MAO

Death Match -Bam Sullivan vs. Cole Radrick

Effy vs. Stan Stylez

Fresh Air (Junior Benito & Macrae Martin) vs. Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo)

Lindsay Snow vs. Marc Angel

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Yoshihiko

Ava Everett vs. B3CCA vs. Shannon LeVangie vs. Zayda Steel

Pre-Show Match Andy Brown vs. Brayden Toon

Dolans Bar

Marcus Mathers vs Zachary Wentz

Marcus Mathers is a wrestler slowly taking over the indy scene. He never puts on a dull match, the fans have come to expect an incredible match any time he steps in the squared circle. This Thursday Marcus will be pushed to his limits. When he steps in the ring with veteran Zachary Wentz. Wentz has a pretty impressive resume in the wrestling game. Competing in companies such as Impact and NXT, along with winning titles in NXT and CZW. Wentz has been to the top of the mountain.

This Thursday Mathers will be able to use this match as a great measuring stick to see where he stacks up in the large scheme of the wrestling world. Marcus will for sure have the home-field advantage during this contest. Having trained out of the H2O wrestling center where this very event is taking place. Fans can expect a fast pace match with moves that will have them question what they just saw. These two men can give you the high spots, however, they can very easily put together an incredible technical match if they so choose. This will be a match that no one will want to miss, be sure to catch this live Thursday night.

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Austin Luke vs Tracy Williams

The original match Luke had on tap for the night fell, victim to card subject to change. Austin Luke was set to take on Wheeler Yuta in a pure rules match unfortunately an injury to Yuta forced him out of this contest.  In short order, Marcus was able to find a more than suitable replacement. Fellow catch point coach  Hot Sauce Tracy Williams. A pure rules match is a little different than your typical wrestling match.

Each wrestler has three rope breaks to stop submission holds and pinfalls during the match. After a wrestler exhausts his rope breaks, submission and pin attempts under the ropes by the opponent are considered legal. There are no closed-fist punches to the face allowed in a Pure match, only open-handed slaps or chops to the face are allowed. The first use of a closed fist will get a warning, and the second will cause the wrestler to be penalized a rope break. If he is already out of rope breaks, he will be disqualified. A wrestler is subject to a twenty count by the referee if the wrestler goes to the floor. This unique rule set leads to a more technical wrestling match. Tracy Williams is known for his technical wrestling abilities pairing him with Luke’s in-ring ability will bring the best out of the two men.

Be There Live

This card is incredible if you have the ability to get to the H2O wrestling center this Thursday be sure not to miss the show. Fans are going to be talking about this event for the months that follow. If you are unable to get to this event live fans can also view this event live on IWTV at 8 pm Thursday night. Fans can subscribe to IWTV for 10 dollars a month. The H20 Center will be packed this Thursday for this event don’t be left out in the dark for this event. This event has it all and no one will leave NJ feeling disappointed.

Joey Wood
Joey Wood

Joe Wood was born and raised in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia. A dedicated father of 2, a boy and a girl. Who is a lifelong Philadelphia 4 for 4-er. Joe found a passion for Professional wrestling from a young age thanks to his father, who took him to live events. Currently, Joe is studying at Full Sail University to achieve his bachelor’s degree in sports marketing and media. Once completed, he hopes to be able to cover sports full-time.