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Marquise Goodwin Contract explained. Many of us often check sites like for player contracts or for Team salary cap info. However, we expect those sites to be correct and update to date. This is not the case in terms of Goodwin’s contract.

Surprisingly enough, both websites are wrong. Claiming Marquise carries a 1-year deal worth just south of $4.3 Million with $0 dead money. With the Howie chipping away at the negative salary cap. We, myself included, have been saying “well, they could always cut Marquise Goodwin to save over $4 Mill.” WRONG.

What we have actually forgotten. Most likely due to Goodwin opting out of the 2020 season. After the Eagles and 49ers completed the trade. Marquise had agreed to a contract restructure worth just $1.3 Million. Ad

Although, Howie may still choose to release the speedy receiver. All things are pointing to the Eagles keeping Goodwin. The guy runs a 4.2 and still on the right side of 30. With the season already looking like a rebuild to some or a retool to others. The right thing to do is to see what Goodwin can do. It barely cost anything and it can’t hurt to see what we got with him. Also, as it turns out we now have his #11 available for him. You may have heard of a recent trade freeing that number.

So as I mentioned in my last article (Click Here). The Eagles have a full team of Wideouts already which of course includes Goodwin. The people’s dream of the Howie drafting one of the two hotshot receivers at #6 continues to slip further and further away.

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