Mel Kiper’s #6 Overall Eagles Draft Pick

Mel Kiper’s Pick: Jaylen Waddle

Mel Kiper’s #6 Overall Eagles Draft Pick, Jaylen Waddle. Well, in defense to Mel. Although, a complete and utter boneheaded pick. I don’t blame him for thinking the Eagles could draft Jaylen Waddle. Let’s think of it…

Jalen Hurts…. Check
Jalen Reagor…. Check
Jalen Mills (if resigned)…. Check Ad

The only thing missing is another Jaylen. Just spelled a little differently.

Hell, they may even be in the market for Jalen Mayfield, Tackle from Michigan.

Ok, ok. All things aside. Is Waddle the 3rd best receiver behind DeVonta Smith and Ja’Marr Chase? I want to say yes. His 2020 stats don’t help his cause though. Also, the Eagles should be in no way looking to bring another receiver at only 5’10”. I mean come on…


Do the Eagles need a top tier Wideout? Yeah, absolutely. Do the Eagles need another player named Jaylen? Not so much. Especially not, Jaylen Waddle at #6. Say he falls to the second round, which is highly unlikely, then Howie should run to the phone to shout Waddle’s name. But for now, let’s set our sights on a more realistic option.

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