Micah Parsons at #6?

Micah Parsons at #6? I know. I know. The Eagles taking a Linebacker at #6 is like truly believing one-day pigs will grow wings and fly away. It will never happen. However, a part of me can’t help but think new coaching staff, new quarterback, new mindset?

Everyone is gonna say, “But they still have Howie making the picks.” I get it. I truly do. Here is my thing, Howie has to know he is on the hot seat. And for this very reason, it could be a make or break season for him. So why not go out there and do the complete opposite of what is expected. It can’t hurt, right?


Micah Parsons in the first round at #6 makes way too much sense. This team has started to see some success out of the Linebacker position with the emergence of Alex Singleton and TJ Edwards last season. The smart thing to do is add a dominant beast of a man in Parsons. That very move would not only be an upgrade but will completely solidify the position.

Parson opted out of the 8 game 2020 season due to Covid. As a Penn State fan, I watched this kid his whole career. He is the real deal. I’ve even gone to Happy Valley to watch him play in person. Not to mention, he is local out of Harrisburg, PA. This is my dream pick for the ‘birds’ this coming draft.

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Of course, there are other positions of need especially on the defensive side of the ball. Those positions can and will be addressed in the later rounds. Secondary talent is loaded in this year’s draft and the defense line of course will be added to. But, Parsons is a game changer!

I realize the chance of this actually happening is slim. Nevertheless, with Howie drafting a Linebacker (Davion Taylor) has high as the third round in last year’s draft. One may think, Howie is starting to turn over a new leaf. Unfortunately, we have to wait another 60+ days till we find that out or not. Until then keep your fingers crossed Howie doesn’t indeed blow yet another draft.

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