MLB, Players Expand Playoffs

MLB Playoffs Expand To 16 Teams

As we reported on the Edge of Philly Sports Show last night. Negotiations were in the works for the 2020 MLB Playoffs to be expanded, per Jon Heyman. Today, that has become a reality.

A couple of the bigger questions is how does this affect the length of the post season. Does the season now go into November? Will there be a HUB Stadium for the World Series. Especially if there are still no fans.

As we still learn all the details of the new Playoffs platform. Ad

Here are 5 things we have learned so are.

1) The amount of teams will go from 10 teams to 16 teams.

2) First and Second place teams of each Division will make the Playoffs

3) Best of 3 for the first round of the playoffs in place of sudden death wild card games.

4) Players will get at least $50 Million in guaranteed money for expanded playoffs. Amount could increase based on fans in the stands.

5) it’s a good thing I put my money on the Phillies 25/1 to win the World Series BEFORE their odds possibly change due to the great chance of them making the Playoffs now! Ok, that one is just for me.

All that matters at this point. The regular season has officially started and we are now guaranteed to get more Baseball. Any which way you slice it is a great situation.


MLB Players Expand Playoffs
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