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This past Sunday night, Major League Wrestling put on a spectacular show titled “Fury Road” at the iconic 2300 Arena. Broadcasting live on the Fite+ platform for the second time, the event was a thrilling experience for wrestling fans of all ages. Fans that missed the event can catch the replay on Fite+.  After MLW’s last event at the 2300 Arena, “Never Say Never,” MLW had a tough act to follow. However, this event was just as impressive and delivered an outstanding card. There were two main events billed for this particular occasion. However, both the attendees present at the 2300 Arena, and those watching the event on Fite+ could feel the intensity of every match as they progressed. Each match tried to outdo the previous one, and the fans were thoroughly entertained throughout the event.

The show featured a wide variety of exciting matches and stipulations, including the use of hardcore military-grade weapons. A “Kiss My Foot” match, a clash between two pop superstars to determine the ultimate pop star. Along with a proven vet in the game taking on a true superstar from NJPW. The highlight of the night, though, was undoubtedly Alex Kane’s first title defense of the MLW world title. All in all, “Fury Road” was a night to remember, packed with adrenaline-pumping action and excitement that left the audience thrilled and wanting more. Before the Fury Road event, MLW allowed the media to participate in a media scrum. Akira had by far the most noteworthy interview of the night. All matches on Fury Road were outstanding, but let’s examine three matches in detail from the night.

Media Scrum -Akira

Before the start of the Fury Road event, Major League Wrestling (MLW) provided an opportunity for members of the media to participate in a media scrum. Among the various interviews conducted that night, Akira’s interview stood out as the most remarkable and engaging. Akira’s responses were insightful, thought-provoking, and truly left everyone feeling the passion he had for this business and his career.

Akira, a popular wrestler known for competing in death-matches, was signed by MLW in January of this year. However, since joining the organization, some fans have been critical of him, accusing him of selling out. He joined the company less than a year ago and has already won the Middle Weight title, as well as the Tag Team titles. I had the opportunity to ask Akira about this during the media scrum, and the entire interview is attached as a video. You can hear his thoughts, including his reaction to being called a “sell out,” at around the 6:32 mark of the video.

Akira Media Scrum

Fury Road Results

National Openweight Championship Match: Rickey Shane Page def Jacob Fatu (c) to become new champion

B3CCA def Maki Itoh

Kiss My Foot Match: Matt Cardona def Mance Warner

Ichiban def Tracy Williams

Kushida def Tony Deppen

MLW World Championship: Alex Kane (c) def Willie Mack to retain championship

MLW World Championship: Alex Kane vs Willie Mack

The Fury Road event marked a significant moment in the wrestling world as it was the first time that Alex Kane, the reigning MLW Heavyweight champion, defended his title. His challenger was none other than the seasoned veteran Willie Mack. The match was heavily focused on the ongoing tension between the two wrestlers, fueled by Alex Kane’s lack of respect for Willie Mack. In fact, Alex went as far as calling him an “opp” and stating that he was not Bomaye-worthy. Willie Mack, who had a lot to prove, aimed to achieve two goals in this match: to win the MLW gold and to earn respect from Alex Kane.

This match started off intense with Willie Mack landing hard shots, causing Kane to drop. Early on, Willie Mack had clear control. Fans of the Bomaye Fight Club were seriously nervous at the start of the contest. During the match, Kane was struggling until he hit a splash on the ring apron, which turned the match in his favor. As the match was coming to an end, Alex Kane managed to perform a Kane Maker on his opponent and went for a pin fall, but only managed to get a two count. Kane then applied a rear naked choke on Willie, who didn’t tap out and was eventually choked out by Kane.

The referee called for the bell, signaling the end of the match. After the match Kane grabbed the mic to let the crowd along with Willie Mack know that Mack has earned his respect. Kane and Mack shake hands and Willie sends the fans home happy with a Bomaye chant.  

Dolans Bar

Kiss My Foot Match: Matt Cardona vs Mance Warner

The Kiss My Foot match is a wrestling stipulation that has been around since 1995 and has always been a curious spectacle for fans. This past Sunday, the Indy God Matt Cardona and Mance Warner went head to head in a Kiss My Foot match, adding to the storied history of this match type. The rules of the match are fairly simple, with a regular match taking place and the loser being forced to kneel down and kiss the foot of the winner. As the name suggests, this can be a humiliating experience for the losing wrestler. The Kiss My Foot match is a unique and interesting addition to wrestling, adding a level of theatrics and intensity to traditional matches.Just before the bell rang, Matt Cardona grabbed the mic and played up his heel persona by insulting the fans and the city of Philadelphia.

The match was grueling, featuring weapons such as chairs and wooden doors. Early on, Warner was badly busted open. Cardona managed to execute a death valley drive on a set of six open chairs. Not to be outdone, Warner put Cardona through a door positioned in the corner during the contest. Warner appeared to be in complete control of the match. However, MSL’s clever distraction created an opening for Cardona to land a devastating low blow on Mance, leaving him vulnerable. Seizing the opportunity, Cardona quickly followed up with his signature move, Radio Silence, to secure a pinfall victory. MSL and Cardona sat barefoot in the ring, awaiting the loser to kiss their foot. However, Warner had other plans and instead of kissing MSL’s foot, he bit it.

Philly Sports Trips Generic

Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Rickey Shane Page vs. Jacob Fatu

A feud that has been building for over six months needed military-grade weapons to settle it once and for all. National Open Champion Jacob Fatu defended his title against The Callings’ RSP, who have been feuding for months. With no other options left, MLW decided to host one of their most brutal matches in history: Weapons of Mass Destruction As MLW noted the rules of the match are as follows

“The ring and ringside perimeter will be militarized with weaponry, and the ring itself will be weaponized! Weapons! Violence! Fatu and RSP will enter a no-holds barred WAR ZONE!”

The match starts fast. Fatu immediately attacks Page, diving onto him at ringside, gaining the upper hand. Halfway through RSP got busted open badly and had to be tapped up. There were some memorable spots in this match. Page was able to get the turnbuckle off the ring and started using the hook to gouge Fatu’s foot.  Rsp put on a military helmet and charged towards Fatu, slamming into him with a headbutt while wearing the helmet. Fatu a very large man was able to hit a senton onto the floor. RSP set up Fatu on a ladder outside the ring for a dive.

At the last moment, Fatu moved out of the way, causing RSP to crash into and break the ladder in half. This was an incredible back-and-forth match until Akira ran in to save his fellow Calling member. In the process of helping RSP, Akira attempted to kick Fatu however Fatu was able to avoid the kick. Resulting in Akira hitting RSP in the face. However, the distraction by Akira gave RSP enough of an opening to hit the ddt on Fatu over a pile of chairs for the pin. Now, the Calling holds four belts in MLW, with two members being double champs. 

Joey Wood
Joey Wood

Joe Wood was born and raised in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia. A dedicated father of 2, a boy and a girl. Who is a lifelong Philadelphia 4 for 4-er. Joe found a passion for Professional wrestling from a young age thanks to his father, who took him to live events. Currently, Joe is studying at Full Sail University to achieve his bachelor’s degree in sports marketing and media. Once completed, he hopes to be able to cover sports full-time.