Montaric Brown | DB | Arkansas

The Eagles in the later rounds from 4 to 6 might need some help in the later rounds and add some players on the roster and could be the possibility of getting another player that could help especially on Special Teams and that is Arkansas Razorbacks Defensive Back Montaric Brown. Could he be an NFL Draft candidate for the Eagles?

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Montaric Brown is 6 ft 190 pounds from Ashtown Arkansas and a Red-Shirt-Senior. He had the most interceptions in his final season with Arkansas in Razorback’s history since 2011. In his final season, he played all 11 games in his redshirt senior year and had 53 tackles that season, and also earned All-SEC First Team Honors.


The positives of his game are that he controls his routes and controls coverage when it’s needed to. Also, he had an interception at least every game, and his defensive style of play was probably the best, especially in his senior season.


He has negatives that need some work. He has misread plays and is also out of position and is at best below average to close passing yards, especially after the catch.

But the Eagles don’t necessarily need him to play at the Cornerback position they can put him as a Safety next to Rodney McLeod or even a Special Team Specialist and can help them to make plays for them and should take a Flyer on him can help in the Eagles in the later rounds.

James Scorza
James Scorza

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