Morey The Magician

Daryl Morey is known for identifying talent, trading for stars, and building good teams that can compete every year. In a lot of ways, he is a magician the way he makes trades appear and salary cap issue disappear. The situation he inherited with the Sixers was a cap nightmare with a “bully ball” illusion. Would Morey The Magician have any enchanted acts for his first draft with the Philadelphia 76ers?

First Act – The Horford Contract

Morey took PF/C Al Horford and his roughly 27 Million per year for the next 3 Years behind the curtain as he worked the phones on ways to make it disappear. Luckily, the Oklahoma City Thunder were looking to make draft picks and prospects re-appear for their organization. POOF! Horford disappears with the Sixers acquiring SG Danny Green and a 15 million dollar contract that falls off the books after this season. The Sixers add a 3 and D shooting guard with Championship Pedigree (2014, 2019, 2020) whom also fits much better on the floor. The unmovable Al Horford contract has vanished into thin air.

Second Act – Seth Curry

For his next act, Daryl Morey put Josh Richardson and another 2nd Pick into the magic hat and pulled out sharpshooter Seth Curry. Did you know Seth Curry has a higher 3PT shooting percentage then his brother Steph? Did you also know Seth will be coming into only his 5th year playing? Steph became an Allstar his 5th season. Daryl Morey is the same guy who traded his starting point guard for Kyle Lowry (Averaging like 7 points a game) in the middle of a playoff run. Maybe he sees the same potential future in Seth. Talk about pulling a rabbit out of your hat!

The Draft

No major acts or tricks here. The Sixers for the first time took the best player available or traded the pick away for a piece that fits now. There wasn’t some weird pick of a player you never heard of that we won’t see for another 3 years. The Sixers selected Kentucky SG Tyrese Maxey with the 21st pick in the draft. This kid is a hard worker that can score off of the dribble. Coach Calipari thinks NBA teams will regret letting him fall to 21 comparing his no fear attitude to that of Tyler Herro.

With the 49th pick in the draft the Sixers selected the sharpshooting SG out of Arkansas, Isaiah Joe. The kid can shoot now and the highlights speak for themselves. RANGE!

With the Sixers final pick of the night they selected DePaul PF Paul Reed with the 58th pick in the draft. In my research, I found he averaged 15.1 points and 10.7 rebounds in his final season at DePaul. He looks athletic and protects the rim very well. He seems to have some handle as well. G-League for now but a great pick this late in the draft.

In one night, Daryl Morey added shooting, ball handling, and shed the contract of Al Horford. Free Agency starts November 22 at 12:01PM but the legal tampering can begin Friday night at 6PM. Who is ready for the next act? GET EXCITED (Tom McGinnis Voice)!

Oh and for all you split Joel and Ben Up people…..IT AINT HAPPENING!

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Freddy Burns
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