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Our existence, for the most part, is sports-driven. The current worldwide medical crisis has rendered sports as temporarily non-existent.

If you are similar to me, the weekend is all about sports. Whether professional, collegiate, amateur or watching your child on the field. Suddenly, in less than 48 hours, that was taken from us. Any logical person understands the validity and concern.

Why do we elect our officials? To take care of matters of state and, protect, us as citizens. Keeping it in sports terms, world leaders have decided to “drop back ten and punt”. Knee jerk reactions could prove deadly… let’s put the world of sports, on hold.

So, no sports, movies or live entertainment… a vast majority of us actually survived a non-sports weekend. Maybe, just maybe, this takes us back to a far younger time… when families played board games… maybe, sat and talked.

While this is a frightening time in this ever-changing world, maybe our humanity will surface. Buy what you need, not everything on the shelves… share the hardship, don’t add to it. Check on your elderly neighbor who is bedridden or infermed.

Perhaps, we as humans learn antiquated things such as… card games… watching movies as a family…

Am I far off with this? I think not… schools shut down… read a book… look at the few positives… perhaps an end to bullying? Getting to know that woman sitting on a sofa… find out that is actually a kind person… who just happens to be your significant other. Bonding with a troubled son or daughter… maybe a game of catch or mom or dad showing how to play wall ball.

This is a time for concern, maybe panic. Also a time for reflection and self-awareness. Be vigilant, and smart… and, open your heart and mind to others… you may just find that not all people are what you detest.

Just my .02



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