New CBA Alters the NFL As We Know It

The NFL Players voted to go forward with a new collective bargaining agreement that shows there is a clear divide amongst the players as to is this a good thing or not? The vote was close 1010-959 to approve the following changes :

2020 there will be two additional payoff teams. Each conference will then have 7 playoff teams with the number 1 seed getting an opening week bye. 

2021 the regular season will go from 16 to 17 games 

2021 the Players will get at least 48% of all league revenue ( currently 47%) and it could get higher depending on the new TV deals the league makes. In essence, this means the players take most likely will be 48.5% in 2021

Currently, the NFL minimum salary is $510,000. This will rise to $610,000 starting in 2020 and go up each year until it hits $1,065MM in 2030.

So it would seem to work for the majority of players who are not stars although the vote did not necessarily dictate this. It’s more games and more wear and tears on the body. 

No matter which side of the fence you fall on regarding this issue, for fans it simply means 10 more years of football with no chance of any labor stoppages.

Charlie Bowles
Charlie Bowles



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