Buyers? Sellers? Anything…

Just hours away from the 2020 NFL Trade Deadline we continue to sit and wonder if the Eagles will make a move prior to the 4 pm shutdown.

My biggest thing here is whether “Buyers” or “Sellers.” JUST DO SOMETHING! Don’t just stand pat and see how the rest of the season plays out with a depleted Offensive Line or a Linebacker position that has been an after thought for years now.

Wanna Sell? Ok, at least you’re showing us you are invested in the future of this team.

Wanna Buy? Great! That tells us you’re to get the best out of this season along with the future. There are two types of Buying in my opinion. Trading for a Vet who can upgrade a position or two for immediate success. Then there is trading for a player with the youth, contract, and skill to upgrade at a position of need not only for this season but for future seasons as well. Let’s call that, buying for the future.

That is where I think the Eagles should be at. However, everything we have seen so far would tell us otherwise. Ad

Jets Linebacker, Avery Williamson (and a 7th Round 2022 Draft Pick) got traded to the Steelers for a 2022 4th Round Draft Pick. Where is Howie?

Charger Defensive Back, Desmond King got traded to the Titans for a 2021 6th Round Pick. Where is Howie?

There are many talented players out there who could be dealt for mid-to-late round picks.

It is very possible Howie and the Eagles do nothing. Many will agree with that stance. But it is wrong, in any and every opportunity you have to better your team not only for the present but for the future of the team. You MUST do it! This will just be another example of Howie Roseman’s incompetence.

If by some long shot Howie pulls off a “blockbuster trade” by the 4 pm shutdown. I will eat every single word of this article. Until then it’s prove me wrong, Howie!

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Joey Sheeran
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