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Night of Champions is live this Saturday. In 2018 WWE signed a 10-year deal with Saudi Arabia. This deal sees WWE present premier live events from Saudi Arabia. Night of Champions is brought to you from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at 1 pm Eastern. This is a historic event for many reasons. The first being Saturday, will mark 1,000 days as WWE Champion for Roman Reigns. This premier live event is also a major night due to seeing a new champion crowned for a brand-new WWE title. Night Of Champion is being billed as an event with three main events.  

The first match being, Seth Rollins vs Aj Styles for the right to be called the first holder of the new WWE title. The second main event sees Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa take on Sami Zayn and Kevin Ownes for the tag team titles. The third main event sees Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar battle in this hard-hitting rivalry. This card has a little bit of something for everyone let’s break down the three main events for this card. 

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Seth Rollins Vs AJ Styles Battle at Night of Champions

Due in large part to Roman Reigns dominance of the past 990-plus days. WWE has had to introduce a new title. This title will be exclusive to Monday Night Raw.  The two competitors for this new title are Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. WWE got to these two-man through a series of triple-threat matches. Both Raw and Smackdown had two triple-threat matches. The winner of each match battled for the right to compete at Night of Champion. AJ and Seth were able to navigate this tournament and finish as the last two standing.

Now we will see two of the best technical wrestlers in the world battle with the new belt on the line. Seth Rollins is currently red hot the crowd singing along with entrance song any time his music hits. AJ Styles has been a fan favorite ever since he debuted at the Royal Rumble in 2016. If I had to make a prediction, Seth Rollins leaves Night of Champions with the next belt around his waist. Before the competitors in the tournament were announced, I had a feeling Seth would get this new belt, and I not planning to switch up now. 

The Bloodline Vs Sami and KO

Saturday will be a celebration for Roman. 1,000 days a champion in the modern era of WWE is unheard of. But will that celebration include the tag team titles as well? We will find this out Saturday at Night of Champions. When Roman and his cousin Solo take on Sami and KO for the tag team titles. This feud between these four men has been going on for onwards of five months. Dating back to when Sami defied Roman and smashed him in the back with a chair at the Royal Rumble.

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There are many storylines in play with this match. The biggest one comes from the bloodline side of things. The biggest question mark on this match is will the Uso play a part in this match. Will we see a turn from any of the members of the Bloodline, this has been teased for months. My prediction for this match. We see Jey Uso turn on Roman. But, in some way, Roman and Solo find a way to win. Setting up one of the bigger matches in the last couple of years for WWE.  Roman and Solo vs The Uso at Summer Slam for the WWE tag team titles. 

Brock Vs Cody

The feud that came out of left field has turned out to be a pretty good feud. Cody vs. Brock since Mania has been the biggest storyline in the WWE. Saturday, these two men do battle again to settle the score. As things currently stand, Brock claims he will have an open challenge due to Cody not being fit to compete. This is just a way for WWE to keep the fans guessing.  Every fan knows at Night of Champion. We will see Cody vs. Brock. This feud has been brutal and hard-hitting. However, it seemed to take a strange turn this week on Raw, with HHH inserting himself into this storyline.  

The WWE universe never got an answer as to why Brock attacked Cody to begin with. My prediction is that HHH has more to do with this story than just giving Cody a pep talk. I feel like HHH sent Brock, the reason being HHH wasn’t a fan of how Cody took his ball and went home. Let’s not forget Cody broke the throne when he was a member of AEW. I feel like WWE could tell the story that Brock was just doing what the boss told him.  It will be interesting to see where this story is headed and the end results. 

Night of Champions Conclusion

WWE has put together a jam-packed card this Saturday for Night of Champions. We will see a new champion crowned. The American Nightmare does battle with a beast. And the tribal chief and his bloodline try to take a stranglehold on even more belts in the WWE. How these matches play out, in addition to the four other matches on the card at Night of Champions, is anyone’s guess. To get answers to all these questions, be sure to tune into Night of Champions live on Peacock at 1 pm et. To catch all the hard-hitting action of this heart-pounding high-flying event. 

Joey Wood
Joey Wood

Joe Wood was born and raised in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia. A dedicated father of 2, a boy and a girl. Who is a lifelong Philadelphia 4 for 4-er. Joe found a passion for Professional wrestling from a young age thanks to his father, who took him to live events. Currently, Joe is studying at Full Sail University to achieve his bachelor’s degree in sports marketing and media. Once completed, he hopes to be able to cover sports full-time.