NLL Pick’ems

Some changes in the standings after the past weekend.

Here are the updated results.

Kevin 4-1,  30-19
Gary 4–1, 28-21
Shawn 3-2, 28-21
Steve 2-3, 28-21
Ross 3-2, 27-22
Sue 4-1, 25-21

Six Games this week…

So, we start with Kevin “Pinky the Brain” Neibauer

San Diego@Colorado…

San Diego

The Seals have started to come to the surface while Colorado remains a question. This will be a one or two-goal affair.



This should be a barn burner, even if you don’t have a barn. With the West as tight as it is, every game is crucial. The Rush may have paid the price for inactivity but, that issue went away… this could go to overtime.



The Warriors have won three of their last four. The Rock is dealing with injuries. Vancouver found a way to get past Rochester and Mitch Jones puts up eight points. Another close one.

New York@Georgia


New York is starting to find itself but Georgia has too much talent. This will be a 14- 9 type of game.



Philadelphia is vastly improved but, not on the level of the Bandits. Chris Cloutier will get some revenge for being traded and pick up six points… this will be close.

Philadelphia@New England

New England

The Black Wolves have dropped a few and the streak comes to a halt. This will be decided in the final quarter as the Wings fatigue… Brandon Miller may see playing time.

To Great White North and The Recovering Susan “Get Out of My Way” Walton.

San Diego vs Colorado – Pick Colorado
Colorado has been scoring and they have already won against the Rush.  They have the ability and I view slightly stronger than San Diego at the moment.  I think this will be a good game as well as close. 

Saskatchewan vs Halifax – Pick Halifax
This is going to be a great game.  Both teams sit at 6-1.  Rush has been the hot & strong team traditionally in the league but there’s something about how these Thunderbirds are gelling that make my scales tip in the T-birds favor.

Vancouver vs Toronto – Pick Toronto

Toronto May have their big stars out on injury but they have been getting goals from a variety of players.  If they continue to play fast and get in & out of the box quickly as they have been playing Vancouver will feel the Rockfall on them.  It would be nice to see Powless get out of his slump but watch for Hellyer and Rogers to lead the boys.  Vancouver will be challenged by cross country travel.  They may have been my Achilles heel against Rochester this past weekend but I am not going to pick against my boys.

NY vs Georgia – Pick Georgia

I would love to see this NY expansion team succeed and win more games.  I don’t see them being able to penetrate the Georgia line.  I can’t think who they have that will actually go toe to toe with either Lyle or Myles? 

Philadelphia vs Buffalo – Pick Buffalo

How can you see a level playing field for these two teams?  Philly will do their best but I don’t think they have what it takes to bring down the Bandits.  Bandits all the way!

Philly vs New England – Pick New England

The second game of Philly’s doubleheader against a rested NEB team – well that a recipe that will put the heat on a tired Philly team.  I expect that Crawford and Leblanc will lead the way.  I just wish the New England fans would turn out to fill those seats.  Playing in a high energy filled arena exudes fun but it’s doubtful we’ll see that this weekend at the Mohegan Sun venue

Good luck everyone! Let’s play some ?

We move back to the States and Ross “My Eight Ball Just got New Fluid” McLoughlin.

San Diego @ Colorado
Winner San Diego

San Diego has had Colorado’s number. San Diego keeps the undefeated streak against Colorado alive.

Saskatchewan @ Halifax
Winner Halifax

The Thunderbirds have been the hot ticket, That keeps on this weekend.

Vancouver @ Toronto
Winner Toronto

Vancouver got lucky last weekend they won’t have the Zebra’s on their side this week.

New York @ Georgia
Winner Georgia

Riptides’ bad luck continues. The swarm are more than a match

Philadelphia @ Buffalo
Winner Philadelphia

Wings win a stunner.

Philadelphia @ New England
Winner Philadelphia

This is put up or shut up the weekend for the Wings. To be the champ you got to crush the champ.

Since you insisted back to Canada and the Prairie with Shawn “Put Another Log on the Fire” Slaght.

San Diego vs Colorado
Pick – Colorado
This is a real toss-up for a game. The Seals are finally getting healthy, but they are going up against a desperate team in the Mammoth. Desperate teams scare me. They are hungry dogs looking for the win.

Saskatchewan vs Halifax
Pick – Saskatchewan
Again, another toss-up. I’m going with the Rush because it looks like they are finally getting their mojo back. Take nothing away from the Thunderbirds, but the Rush are playing their best lacrosse on the road.

Vancouver vs Toronto
Pick – Toronto
Are the Warriors the real deal? This will be the telling game. While I feel like they’ll be competitive, I don’t see them coming away with the “W”.

NY vs Georgia
Pick – Georgia
The Swarm hasn’t been as dominant this season. That said, New York is improving but isn’t a contender like Georgia. I think the Swarm has this one by at least five goals.

Philadelphia vs Buffalo
Pick – Philadelphia
My upset pick this week. Buffalo has seen some inconsistencies. When they are winning they are world-beaters. But when they struggled they have a hard time battling back.

Philadelphia vs New England
Pick – New England
A big test for the Wings this weekend. While they are no doubt much better than last year, I don’t think they can hold up in the double-header. I’ll pick New England by one or two despite Higgins standing on his head.

Back East and the Steve “The Multi-Talented” Holroyd.

SD @ COL:  The Seals have been steadily finding their stride over the weeks, and Staats’ return has given them a boost.  Dillon Ward has been on fire in goal for the Woolies, though, and they enjoy the home floor advantage.  That–and the week-off rust San Diego has–tilts this one in Colorado’s favor.  WINNER: Colorado

SASK @ HFX: The T-birds are for real, and get a lot of energy from the small-but-passionate crowds at the Scotiabank Centre.  They also tend to avoid slow starts at home, so they won’t have to dig themselves out of a hole for a change.  Clarke Petterson has his coming out party in this one with a 4 goal game.  WINNER: Halifax

VAN @ TOR:  The Warriors were disappointing at home to Buffalo last week, and struggled to eke out a win against the NewHawks…that brief run of good form appears to have ebbed.  The Rock remains solid, even with all the injuries.  WINNER: Toronto

NY @ GEO:  The Riptide just doesn’t have what it takes to put together a complete 60 minutes in this league…flashes of brilliance are followed by Alex Buque allowing stupefyingly bad goals.  And, while the Swarm have been just as inconsistent–they are still an offensive machine.  WINNER:  Georgia

PHL @ BUF:  Wings fans have been excited by the team’s play this year, but they are basically the same team as last year–but with better netminding.  And while Zach Higgins has been sharp…Matt Vinc is Matt Vinc.  Buffalo has been on a tear, and it is not stopping now.  WINNER:  Buffalo

PHL @ NE:  A tired Wings will go down meekly to a solid Black Wolves side…the “revenge” factor for having the game stolen from them in the last meeting is not enough the get Philly the edge.  WINNER:  New England

We close out in Toronto and Gary “The One and Only”… we hope, Groob.

Vancouver @ Toronto
Toronto wins.

The Rock has found the game they need to play to win, and that’s a problem for the league to figure out.
The Warriors cant match the Rock in any category, but if Eric Penney is hot in net, it might make the game interesting.

Saskatchewan @ Halifax
Halifax wins.

Halifax has had two weeks to sit and brood over their first loss of the year.  They will be offensively dangerous, and defensively much sharper.  They have been perfect in their barn, and plan to keep it that way. 

This isn’t a good team to see for a team that is having offensive problems like the Rush has been having.

New York @ Georgia
Georgia wins.

The Thompson Brothers, Shayne Jackson, Zed Williams, and others will make a long evening for Alex Buque and/or Gowah Abrams in net for the Riptide.   New York can’t seem to put together an entire game, and that will hurt them in this game, against an explosive offense like the Swarm.

San Diego @ Colorado
San Diego wins.

The Seals team of a few weeks back and the Seals team of now are two completely different teams.  Back is Casey Jackson, and Austin Staats, which now makes them an offensive juggernaut.  Nick Damude in net has been excellent in relief of the injured Frank Scigliano.

Colorado has not been consistent at all this year, even in net with All-Star goalie Dillon Ward.  They need big games from Ruest, Cupido, and company if they plan on taking this “W”.

Philadelphia @ New England
Philadelphia wins.

Which New England team shows up?

Picking this game a few weeks back, I had no reservations when picking the Black Wolves (who won controversially in to), but this time I think the Wings are more consistent.

Great goaltending from Zach Higgins, as well as scoring from a number of sources, and Trevor Baptiste’s all-round game…I think it will be close but favor Philadelphia.

Philadelphia @ Buffalo
Buffalo wins.

The Bandits have had a week to recover from the Air Miles extravaganza, touring Canada from East to West, and West to East.  They were tired, and it of sorts playing the Rock on Sunday afternoon.  Not to take away from the defensive gem of a second-half the Rock played, Buffalo will counter with a more three-dimensional offense against the Wings. 

This is a huge test for the Wings, and if they really have become a player in the championship talks.  I still think they have a bit more growing to do.

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