No Fun in the Sun for Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers (23-12) dripped a 117-116  Overtime decision to the Miami Heat (24-8) on Saturday evening in Florida.

Despite Joel Embiid put up a double-double with 35 points and 11 rebounds, Philadelphia exhibited a lack of intensity and were sleepwalking thru portions of the contest.

In what can only be deemed a bad game, the Sixers were their own worst enemy.

A missed slam dunk and a questionable three-point shot as the Overtime expired when a two would have won the game.

Coach Brett Brown publicly mentioned that “this team will find itself by Christmas”.

Christmas has come and gone and the club is still looking for its persona.

By: Kevin Neibauer

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Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

Kevin has followed and promoted the game of lacrosse since May 19, 1974.
The same day the Philadelphia Flyers won the Cup, the Philadelphia Wings were introduced to Neibauer and Philadelphia.

Kevin has covered many sports, including baseball, football, basketball, and.. lacrosse. A former licensed football referee and baseball umpire, Kevin brings a unique insight to his game coverage.

A published writer in JustHockey Magazine, Kevin covered the American Hockey League as well as a monthly story on a pugilist where Kevin used the pen name, The Rink Rat. Neibauer turned his attentions to lacrosse for a few years and does his part, whether podcasting or writing to grow the game. Kevin branched out to his roots and currently provides insight for all Philadelphia teams for Edge of Philly as well as his full-time duties with LaxPhilly.



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