No Identity, Eagles lose to Cowboys 41-21

The Philadelphia Eagles were blown out by the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. It was not a pretty site as they were both outcoached and out-executed in just about every facet of the game. A blow out loss in Dallas isn’t shocking; the way they lost is cause for concern. Discipline issues and injuries mounting as well. On top of that, we still have no idea what this offense and defense through Week 3. No Identity.



As Adam Caplan always says “Coaching Matters” in this league. Both Nick Sirianni and Jonathan Gannon were outcoached by the Mike McCarthy, Kellen Moore & Dan Quinn. Lets start with Nick and the offense who after back to back weeks doesn’t seem to have a game plan. When questioned after the game he said the plan was to “Keep up with them”. Dallas scored just 20 points the week before and our offense couldn’t move the ball at all against the 49ers. Did he think a shootout was the way to go?

That’s Wild, no? Nick claims that is the way the game went but from my eyes Nick made it go that way. He also pointed to called RPOs this morning on WIP as called running plays that went pass. Well, that would be a run pass option NOT a called running play. Come on Nick.

The one bright spot so far seemed to have been the defensive line especially after this play.

From there the defensive line proceeded to be pushed back on virtually the same play every play. Even color analyst Lou Riddick was calling out the plays before they happened. If he knew then why didn’t the Eagles know? Why did Jonathon Gannon seemingly make zero adjustments. I thought this was going to be an attack and turnover type defense every week. The linebackers still don’t know where or how to identify the tight end. The secondary is average at best. This was Gannon and the defenses first test against a really good offense and they failed miserably. Have we talked about the penalties?


We have talked about it on the show last week and it continues through week 3. The Eagles have set a franchise record for penalties through the first three weeks. They finished on Monday night with 13 “accepted” penalties for 86 yards and I think 1 or 2 were declined. It always seems to be one player in particular too, Derek Barnett.

I hope he is fed up because Nick didn’t seem to think they had a discipline problem last week. With 35 penalties (37 called) through 3 games while being on pace for most in NFL history. There is no question a discipline problem.


Every year this seems to happen. Do we ask Chip Kelly for his shake ingredients? The Eagles lost Isaac Seumalo for the season and also place K’Von Wallace on IR who will be out the next 3-6 weeks. Really not sure what the answer is here except to expect more in Week 4. Who’s Next?

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts played his worst football game as a Philadelphia Eagle on Monday night. He missed open receivers, locked on to his first read, and just made bad throws. The arm strength was again needs to be called into question as multiple balls just didn’t have enough mustard on them. The stat line will tell you Hurts was fine but anyone watched knows it was bad. Fans on twitter and even Seth Joyner himself admitted on Postgame Live that even he was thinking its Minshew time.

Hurts is great for a smooth one liner but just flushing it is not the answer. Benching Hurts is not the answer either. He needs time for the game to slow down and develop as he is essentially a rookie. He takes accountability for his faults but without improvement, “I have to do a better job”, gets real old real quick. We saw that with Carson Wentz.

Its Week 4 and we still have no real idea of this teams identity. They better find one fast because Andy Reid and the Chiefs come to town this Sunday.

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