No One Likes Us, We don’t Care

No one likes us, we don’t care. The start of free agency admittedly hasn’t gone exactly how we thought it would. Howie certainly made a splash early on into ‘legal tampering’ with the signing of Haason Reddick – which we all loved. But, outside of signing some of our own (you know who they are) not much has been done.

What we do know is the Eagles extended offers to WR Christian Kirk (now Jaguars) and S Marcus Williams (now Ravens). They were just simply outbid. They were competitively in both negotiations down the wire.

We also know that Howie was declined a meeting with Deshaun Watson and his people prior to being finally traded to the Cleveland Browns.

Robert Woods, another player linked to the Eagles via a trade from the Rams. Reportedly, there was significant interest by the Eagles there as well. Woods ended up going to the Tennessee Titans for only a sixth-round 2022 draft pick. Yes, only, a sixth-round pick.

Dolans Bar

So what is happening? How come the Eagles keep striking out? A little buzz going around is that players simply don’t want to come to play for Philadelphia. Not due to the team or current players themselves. It boils down to the media and us fans.

Just My Opinion

Now the rest of this article is my opinion and my opinion only.

Players don’t want to come to Philadelphia? Oh well. So these players are worried to make millions of dollars to play for a top sports market in the country. Then we don’t want you. Scared of a little booing or the media being honest about your play good or bad?

I’m done running from this label of being too much or too hard on players. I’m wearing it as a badge of honor.


Don’t wanna get booed? Play better. Did we hurt your feelings? Man Up. I’m tired of it.

Philadelphia isn’t like most sports cities. We actually live and breathe our teams. Who are not casuals. We wake up every morning, get ready for work, and instantly turn on our Angelo Cataldi or John Kincade. Our grandfathers did it. Our Father did it. And now I (we) do it as well.

If it’s a crime for being a passionate sports fan and expecting the best out of our guys. Then lock me up. And I’m sure there are many many more out there like me.

You can tell very quickly what players are made for Philly. Unfortunately, it’s starting to become a dying breed.

If you’re a player out there that has the confidence and the ‘stones’ to play in the city of brotherly love. We welcome you all with open arms. To the rest of you go play in a city that only pays attention come playoff time – that is if you’re good enough to get there.

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