No Playoffs for Philly Due to Poor Performance

The moribund 4-10-1 Philadelphia Eagles made a trip to challenge hated rival, the 6-9 Dallas Cowboys. No playoffs for Philly this year.

In what started as a dominating Philadelphia performance and a great game, as least for the first half, witnessed the Eagles dominating play with scores on each of their first three drives. Dallas countered with a Greg Zubrian field goal on their primary drive to make it 17-3. Ad

Philly came out flying with Jalen Hurts (21 of 39 for 342 yards with two picks) hitting DeSean Jackson (1 catch 81 yards) on a pretty catch and run for a highlight 81-yard marker. Jackson was playing his first game since October. He showed his jubilation with his patented, “look at me” pre end zone celebration. The Cowboys picked themselves up and marched down the field and added a field goal to cut it to 7-3. The next possession saw Jalen Hurts move the Eagle offense down the field with a resulting Eagles score. The first quarter saw the curtain close with the Eagles holding momentum and a 14-3 edge.

Dallas Rips It Open

That would be all the edge they would have and journeyman quarterback, Andy Dalton seized the spotlight. Dalton found the player of the game, Michael Gallop (6 catches, 121 yards, and two scores) on a 13-yard fade pattern to close the gap to 14-10. Another Cowboy field goal cut the lead to one.

Philadelphia was chewing up yards and clock with a meaty rushing attack. They were rewarded with a 38-yard Elliott field goal to make it to 17-13.

With the Eagles secondary depleted, Dalton would opt to exploit the Eagles Michael Jacqutte with much success. Dalton sought out Gallup for a second quick six to make it a 20-17 Bad guy lead. Dalton put up huge first-half numbers with an amazing 16 of 20 for 244 yards which include 10 straight completions.

The second half was a hall of horrors for team Philadelphia. At one point, when they snagged an interception, the game seemingly would tilt the Philly way. Unfortunately, three penalties took the Birds out of field goal range. Questionable play calling also was an issue. With a 4th and fifteen, coach Doug Pederson opted to not attempt a 51-yard field goal and went for the first down. It was a miserable failure and all but handed over the contest.

Dis and Dat

The injuries just keep a-coming. Fletcher Cox went out which signaled a key shift in the game. A final attempt for a late Eagles score was negated when, after a review, it was questionably ruled Hurts had fumbled.

The result translates into the Eagles being eliminated from playoff contention and ignites the rabid fan base into a plethora of questions concerning the direct future of the once-proud Philadelphia franchise.

No playoffs for Philly means a very unhappy city. For more Eagles coverage click here.

Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

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