Noah Daniels | Leaping Into the Linc?

Resigning both Bradberry and Slay for longer-term contracts could be one of the smartest moves that Howie has made in this past off-season.  However, it is not lost on the Eagles fanbase that both corners are reaching their twilight years.  They need to bring in young and potentially good cornerbacks to learn and then take over for Slay and Bradberry after their contract expires. Is that youth in the form of Noah Daniels from TCU?

One of the biggest stories of the past college season was the success of the TCU Hornfrogs. They are were an unlikely team to make the National Championship game.  Despite getting blown out in that game, TCU made a statement about the type of program and players they have on their football team.  One such player is speedy cornerback Noah Daniels.  Noah has not been a world-beater, but he has the skill set and athletic ability to become a special player in the NFL.

Injury History

Daniels has had many season-ending injuries that have stunted his college stats, but the skills are there.  If Howie trades into the fourth or fifth round, Howie could look to add some much-needed youth to the cornerback position by drafting this winner. 

Noah can run a 4.42 40-yard dash. If he can stay on the field, he can learn from Slay and Bradberry.  Look for Daniels to be a strong prospect in the later rounds.  Daniels will have something to prove. Drafting players like that with a chip on their shoulder is always a good incentive for a growing team.

Joe Marks
Joe Marks