Ok but what’s next?

Ok, but what’s next? The Phillies organization finally made a good decision in moving the franchise forward this week. John Middleton has Hired Dave Dombrowski as the team’s President of Baseball Operations. A move that should follow with the ending of the Andy MacPhail Era in Philadelphia.

This team is still in dire need of a legit general manager. Not one who is filled in as a temporary role (Ned Rice).

How much power will Mr. Dombrowski actually have? With an Owner constantly falling over the idea of lost revenue from the ‘Pandemic’ season. How long of a leash will the new President have to go out and put together a contender?

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Middleton claims the Phillies have lost 2 BILLION dollars worth of revenue. The number is proven to be considerably lower than that estimated around $145 million. Much like the rest of the teams around the MLB.

It’s predicted at the moment the team has roughly around $70-80 Million in salary space to add to the roster. This obviously includes wanting to sign JT Realmuto and even Didi Gregorius back to the team as a possibility. Plus the biggest team need, PITCHING! **cough, cough, Trevor Bauer**

All we know as of now is John finally made a smart move. Does he have a few more up his sleeve? It’s possible but I won’t hold my breath. Once again, prove me wrong John. I’ll be waiting.

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