One on One

In our ongoing series, Kevin Neibauer sits down with a member of the lacrosse community to find what makes them tick.

In this chapter, we feature Kori Halftown, Kori, and his brother, Leroy all long-time laxers Both have been involved as players and mentors.

We caught up with the older brother, Kori.

At the Beginning

KMN- As a native, Lacrosse is a huge part of your life. At what age did you begin to play?

KH- I started playing lacrosse at the age of three with the Newtown Major Lacrosse League.

KMN- Your brother, did you grow up playing with him?

KH- My brother, Leroy, is three years younger than me, so, we never got the chance to play on the same team during our minor years because of the age difference. We first got to play organized lacrosse together in college at MCC in Rochester, and have played together every chance we’ve gotten since then.

KMN- Newtown Minor Lacrosse, talk about that organization.

KH- I was involved with the Newtown Minor Organization every season from ages 3-18. It’s out of the Cattaraugus Territory of the Seneca Nation. It used to participate in playing in Canada in the OLA Zone 9 Division. Now, they are NAMLA League that competes with other Reservation based teams across the state going as far as Syracuse.

With Lacrosse being a major part of the territory, it gives all kids, including kids who don’t live on territory, the chance to compete. It brings families and friends together from all over for good reason, to play lacrosse.

I’m proud to say that I’ve played and grew up within that organization. It not only created the success and opportunities I’ve had as a player. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

College Years

KMN- Hilbert University, why did you pick that?

KH- After High School, I got a job and took a year off from lacrosse. I actually ran into an old coach from a travel team that I played with for years prior to graduation, he recruited me to Hilbert as he was hired as the new Head Coach. So, I applied and was there playing the following Spring of 2011.

Moving On

KMN- You played in the Can-Am league with Onondaga. What was playing in that league like?

KH- The Can-Am is a Senior B league that gets competitive and brings good energy to fans watching. Some teams are closely located so teams have good battles with each other.

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience both sides of a good rivalry having played with Newtown and Onondaga. Winning the league with both teams has been a good experience as well.

KMN- When did you discover the box game?

KH- The box game was. all I knew was the moment I started playing at age 3. I didn’t start playing Field Lacrosse until I got into 7th Grade. So. box lacrosse has always been a part of me.


KMN-Halftown Lacrosse. How did you get into that organization?

KH- Halftown Lacrosse with my brother and I, wanting to give youth a better opportunity to play and expand their knowledge of the game. Given our backgrounds and experience, we feel we can inspire the youth to excel in lacrosse in our area.

We’ve transitioned into, All-Purpose Lacrosse, which is our new company name. This past summer, we were able to form two teams (Grades 5-6 and JV) and were able to take them to tournaments all summer,


KMN- How did you discover the IBLA and the Salt City Eels?

KH- The opportunity came to me through a pair of teammates for Onondaga., brother Kroy and Klay Arnold.

KMN- Finally, Salt City, pretty successful season. What’s next for the team?

KH- Being a part of the Salt City Eels first season, was fun! Not playing for a year due to the pandemic. It was a good opportunity to pad up with the boys that I couldn’t pass up! Being National Champion is still the mission so, we are looking to come home with some hardware.

Thanks to Kori for taking the time to do this!

One on One

Kori Halftown

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