One on One… Nathan Rockstroh

Nathan Rockstroh is a prototypical transition player for the Grim Reapers in the Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association (PBLA).

While not a flashy player, Nate is a steady, calming influence for his squad.

So, let’s go One on One… Nathan Rockstroh.

KMN- When did you start playing organized lacrosse?

NR- I played 8th grade through high school then picked the game up again in my late 20’s.

KMN- You attended Arcadia University. Do they have a big lax program?

NR-While I did not play for Arcadia, I saw many of the players in the gym and around campus on the team and individual conditioning.  They were always working hard and hopefully it pays off for their program.

KMN- What was your major?

NR-Healthcare Administration, Pre-Physical Therapy

KMN- Why the switch to box? And when did that come about?

NR-I first played box in high school at Rocket Sports.  Our high school team put several squads in for off-season touches, but we lacked any real coaching on box mechanics.  It was still fun to bang around and play some more transition and offense as I played close and SSD.  I discovered LILL in my late 20’s and heard about the PBLA from there.

KMN- The PSL in Lehigh Valley/Baltimore, talk about playing in that league.

NR-The PSL was a great experience playing against some extremely high-level players in a full-size box.  The way I saw athleticism, skill, and knowledge come together in that league changed how I approach my game.  Playing with, playing against, and watching players in the PSL from D1, NLL, MLL, CLA, and some of the best box clubs in the region offered the opportunity to push my game in new directions.

KMN- You have the past few seasons with the Grim Reapers here in Philadelphia. How did that opportunity manifest?

NR-Nitti (Bill Kennedy)approached me following the open runs preceding my first season, perhaps on a tip-off from several of my teammates from a spring league that year.  I joined up and the rest is history.

KMN- Do you do any Coaching or Mentoring?

NR-Not currently.  In high school, I volunteered to coach and referee the 3rd/4th graders for North Penn Lacrosse Club when able.

KMN- Your first season in the PBLA, you had no idea, but you created quite a buzz among the officials. None of us had seen anyone play in the league with a helmet cam. Is that something you still do?

NR-Not recently.  It was a new toy that I had some fun with and thought others might enjoy the footage.  Steve (Innamorato) got some images and video from that for the PBLA website a few years back.  Maybe I’ll break that out again on occasion.

KMN- Are you strictly a box guy now?

NR-I play field still.  Mostly midfield and LSM.

KMN- Any aspirations of attempting to play pro ball?

NR-I think every sports kid has a dream of playing pro.  I won’t give up my studies and day job, but I wager most in the league would like to moonlight as such.   

Thanks to Nathan!

Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

Kevin has followed and promoted the game of lacrosse since May 19, 1974.
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