One on One with Connor Flynn

Just because there is no lacrosse being played, doesn’t mean LaxPhilly has stopped supplying coverage. So, we present another of our continuing One on One series. Today, we meet Connor Flynn. Connor is among a group of Philadelphia area up and coming box goaltenders. So, let’s go One on One… Connor Flynn.

KMN- At what age did you begin playing lacrosse?

CF-I started playing at the early age of 5.

KMN- Always a goaltender?

CF-No I was not always a goaltender. I started as a player who loved running and couldn’t stand still for too long. I have always loved being more of a defensive player and denying the other team the chance to shoot or score.

KMN- What organizations have you played in?

CF-I has played in a lot of organizations, both outdoor and indoor. I started lacrosse with the North Penn Dragons township team playing all positions over 8 years.

The first travel team I played for was Twist Lacrosse which was mostly my township team players and the same coaches. It was a great starting place for my love of lacrosse. After Twist, a friend and I tried out for Fusion Lacrosse where I played Long Pole Defense for 3 years. 

Those 3 years were by far the most influential training in my lacrosse career.  Steve Holmes and Eric Hofman taught me the ins and outs of defense which I became accustomed to very quickly and learned to play with great success. 

The club I play for now is NXT Lacrosse as LSM. I have played in the NLF National championship in Massachusetts, where our team won first place in 2019. 

I have had great success since I started playing with NXT. I’ve had great coaching by Joey Shallow and Billy Mac who recently moved to Washington D.C to spread the love of lacrosse there. My new defensive coach Corey Shaffer from Ursinus has brought great skills and benefit to our team.

I am currently in my sophomore year at North Penn High School. This is my second year with NPHS lacrosse, where this year I am taking on the role of Varsity short-stick defensive middie. I attribute my success in box lacrosse to John Kuhn and Scott Johnson for their coaching and mentoring and growing my love for box lacrosse. 

KMN- You recently made a trip to the West Coast… what was that about?

CF-I was selected to play box goalie for the Huntington Beach Lacrosse club Midget team coached by Sean Evans, and his brother in the USBoxLa Nationals tournament.  

I played alongside one of the best goalies in my age bracket from Canada Riley Gaines. I played with a great team against strong competition. We placed 4th overall.  I’m very happy to have made that trip. The experience and the competition is completely different then what’s here at home, and would love to make the trip again. The USBoxLa Team East selections are to be announced the week of 3/16 fingers crossed I am selected!

KMN- How Long have you been playing box?

CF-I’ve been playing box since 5th grade with a twist, have played with fusion, and now I’m playing with NXT Box.  I have also assisted other teams in various tournaments when they’ve reached out in need of a goalie. 

KMN- You are making the jump to the PBLA…how did you hear of the league?

CF-Yes I am, and I heard about the league from my childhood coach John Kuhn who was a big inspiration for me to start box goalie. I also have heard it from a lot of the players in my adult league I play for at XL Sports in Hatfield, PA.

KMN- Do you pattern yourself off a specific goaltender?

CF-I try to not model myself to one given goalie. Each of their playing styles is for them and work for them. I watch a lot of box highlights and always watch the goalies. 

I take a lot of the little things like stance, to movement, to the way they talk to the players and mold them into my own game. I like to watch Zach Higgins for the Wings. I like the way he stops the ball and his positioning. I like to play more actively.  

Thanks to Connor Flynn! We at LaxPhilly wish him the best!

Gary Groob
Gary Groob

Gary Groob has been involved with Lacrosse for the majority of his life, whether playing, coaching, or covering the sport for the media.

An avid fan, with a real drive about helping to “grow the game”, Gary became part of podcasts about the game in 2010. Through the podcasts, Mr. Groob was given an opportunity to write about lacrosse, and the rest as they say, is history.

Through many miles (flying and driving) Gary has made inroads with the National Lacrosse League, Major Series Lacrosse League, the Ontario Lacrosse Association, as well as the Arena Lacrosse League, covering the leagues, their teams, and players, working for, and in concert with all of them.

In the year 2020, Mr. Groob was made the media person for the Arena Lacrosse League, voted onto the board of directors of the Brampton Excelsiors Lacrosse Club, as well as being made administrator of the Lacrosse page “Global Lacrosse” with a membership of 9000 members in over 90 Countries. Gary was also made an administrator of Lacrosse History Past Present and Future in 2022.

Mr. Groob co-hosts a weekly Lacrosse show on Spanglish Sports World, and ZingoTV channel 250, as well as writes a weekly lacrosse column for La Portada Canada News (both in print, and online).

Gary also hosts a Lacrosse talk show and podcast for The Edge of Philly Sports Network, seen live Sunday nights at 9pm (ET), and archived on the Edge of Philly YouTube page, as well as Spotify.

Mr. Groob’s other sports interests include Hockey, Football, Boxing, Wrestling, and Baseball, competing competitively in Boxing and Wrestling for many years.