One on One Jerome Ball

In our continuing series, Kevin M. Neibauer sits down with a member of the lacrosse family. He goes one on one with Jerome Ball. Jerome Ball started playing lacrosse much later than most people. A former United States Marine, Ball was a High School Football player who switched sports a bit later. Jerome is currently playing in the Interstate Box Lacrosse Association or, as it’s better known, the IBLA.


Let’s Go One on One with Jerome Ball

KMN- Vernon Township High School in New Jersey, you played football, did they have a lacrosse program?

JB- Yes, there was lacrosse at our High School. But, I didn’t play, I played football and Ice Hockey.

KMN- Anna Marie College, why that school?

JB- I chose Anna Naria for their Fire Science Program and, they had a lacrosse team.

KMN- You were in the Marines, and we all thank you for that, stationed in Hawaii, talk about that experience.

JB- The experience was awesome, and I was playing with the Hawaii Men’s Lacrosse Club where I really started my career playing Lacrosse.

Hawaii Lacrosse

KMN- Hawaii Lacrosse, who did you play?

JB- The Hawaii Men’s Lacrosse Club, every year we would host a tournament where we would invite other teams to come and play which gave me the experience of playing against professional players from the Wimmer section.

KMN- When did you start playing?

JB- I knew about the game of lacrosse pretty much going into High School but, really wasn’t interested in playing because I was playing other sports.

Dolans Bar

Current Lacrosse

KMN- Are you currently playing anywhere?

JB- Yes, I currently play in the IBLA. It’s my first year ever playing organized box and I absolutely love it! I scored a goal the last game, one-handed and the guys started calling me Gary Gait!

KMN- This is your first year playing for an organized team in an organized league?

JB- I have played before but for fun when I was in college and some pick-up leagues but, this is my first time playing on a professional level and taking it seriously.

KMN- with all the attention on expansion, do you see yourself playing professionally?

JB- I would love to play professionally if the opportunity presents itself, sure, who wouldn’t?

More Lacrosse

KMN- What else do you have going on?

JB- I will be coaching for True Lacrosse starting in the fall and currently a coach with Mad Dawg Lacosse in addition to doing private lessons. I love growing the game and making kids better and telling them my story of starting to play at a later age and becoming good.

I tried out for Team Jamaica for the 2018 FIL but was rejected because, being adopted, I have no Jamaica roots. But, I will be trying out for South Africa,

KMN-Finally, Is there a player or players you pattern yourself after?

JB-I will say Myles Jones because I am a big boy, but, yet again, I have a big quick shot and I like to think I play like a lot of professional players.

Thank You, Jerome and we wish you nothing but the Best! That was ono on one with Jerome Ball.




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