Open Letter to Doug

Open Letter to Doug. Aww, Doug, You’re “Pissed off”. Great, OK. Moving on… Just kidding. I have to dissect this one a little bit more.

Ok, Doug. Your team is 3-5-1 and NOW you’re pissed off? Why no anger when you tied the Bengals? Where was this burning in your belly after you had to come from behind the first meeting with the Giants? Where was the absolute disgust when you struggled against Ben friggin’ DeNucci and the pathetic Cowboys?

I’m sorry but all things point to too little and definitely too late. We are heading into a stretch of games that more than likely you’re going 0-5 but you wait until week 10 to be “pissed off”. Save it. Ad

Actions speak much louder than words, Coach. Mad? Ready to make the needed adjustments?

Let’s start with giving up total control of the play calling. You have a team of what? 7, 8, 9 offensive minds under you? Get together at a table and come up with a gameplan that fits Carson’s style of play. Showcase his strengths. It’s not that hard. Also, Run the damn ball more than a couple handful of times a game. It keeps Carson upright and healthy as well as an aspect of your offense you have had success with. No Brainer, right?

You wanna get back into the good graces of this fanbase? Show you’re worth it. Right this ship. Show you can make the needed adjustments and get this team rolling and we will come back stronger than ever.

Until then it’s prove him wrong, Doug. I have faith. So please prove me wrong. Plus, it’s not like your job is on the line or anything.

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Joey Sheeran
Joey Sheeran

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