Phillies Drop 2024 Season Schedule

This is the quiet before the storm, known as the trade deadline and the second half of the 2023 season. In this quiet moment, the MLB and the Phillies drop the 2024 season schedule. Among the many highlights, the club will begin its season with an Opening Day matchup against the Atlanta Braves on Thursday, March 28, at Citizens Bank Park. This is a huge departure from the mid-May first-time matchup we are used to waiting for.

2024 Phillies Home Schedule Highlights


The Phillies will host the Atlanta Braves during their season opener. This is followed by a three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds on April 1-3. A second homestand features games against the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 11-14, Colorado Rockies on April 15-17, and Chicago White Sox on April 19-21. It will be the first time in a long time we see the Pirates at CBP this early on in the season. This will be the first return of the White Sox to Philadelphia since 2019.

Phillies 2024 Schedule

May Into June

May features a weekend series against the San Francisco Giants on May 3-6, followed by games against the Toronto Blue Jays on May 7-8, New York Mets on May 15-16, Washington Nationals on the weekend of May 17-19, and Texas Rangers on May 21-23. The month wraps up with a weekend series against the St. Louis Cardinals on May 31-June 2. Followed by games against the Milwaukee Brewers on June 3-5. The Phillies will return home later that June to take on the San Diego Padres on June 17-19. They take on the Arizona Diamondbacks on the weekend of June 21-23, and the Miami Marlins on June 27-30.

PST London Phillis vs Mets

Across the Pond

The Phillies will head across the pond for the 2024 London Series on June 8-9. They face division rivals, New York Mets at London Stadium as part of the MLB World Tour.

The Second Half of 2024

The first half of the season will conclude with a six-game homestand. This is against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 9-11 and Oakland Athletics on the weekend of July 12-14. The team finishes up the month with a weekend series against the Cleveland Guardians on July 26-28 and New York Yankees on July 29-31.

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Road Warriors

The Phillies only have four homestands in August and September, with the final home games being played against the Chicago Cubs on September 23-25. The club will finish their regular season on the road with a three-game weekend series against the Washington Nationals on September 27-29. Phillies drop the 2024 season schedule. Are you ready to plan your trips to the ballpark? For the most up-to-date schedule, please visit phillies.comNote: the schedule is subject to change.

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